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WSOP | Hossein Ensan Won The WSOP Main Event And Earns $10 Million

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The 2019 WSOP main event ends today. At the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, USA, the 55-year-old Hossein Ensan, an Iranian player from Germany, defeated Dario Sammartino, a regular high-roller from Italy, in the heads-up. The ultimate laurel of this tournament and a huge prize of 10 million US dollars!
Three players participated in the final day. Hossein Ensan had 326.8 million chips and 163 big blinds, while Alex Livinston had 120.4 million chips, or 60 big blinds. The remaining 32.68 million belonged to Italian player Dario Sammartino. .
Hossein Ensan Won The WSOP Main Event And Earns $10 Million

Dario Sammartino quickly doubled, and Alex Livinston, the second-ranked chip, once stood on the chip lead, but was quickly hit by Dario Sammartino, losing a lot of chips, and still close to 41.1 million chips. In the 16 big blinds he got AJ all-in and Ensan's AQ call eliminated him.
Alex Livinston was previously a chess world champion. At the age of 32, he won the WSOP Main Event in 2013, when Ryan Riess won the championship. This year he won the ninth place in the 8-game event for $1,500 and won the seventh place in the 8-game event for $2500.
Hossein Ensan started with a headline of 279.8 million chips, while Dario Sammartino had 235 million chips. The two sides have come and gone. Dario Sammartino once expanded the chip advantage to more than 3:2, but Ensan's momentum is good. Dario Sammartino has cheated many times. Bluff met Ensan's strong card, and the victory balance gradually tilted to the side of Ensan.
The heads-up between the two sides lasted 101 hands for 4.5 hours. Ensan had 345 million chips and Sammartino had 170 million chips before the last hand.
Hossein Ensan opened the pool to 11 million and Dario Sammartino called in the big blind. On the flop of Ts 6s 2d, Sammartino checked and called 15 million.
On the turn 9c, Sammartino checked, Ensan bet 33 million, Sammartino bet all 140 million! Ensan sec call!

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