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Marked Playing Cards WSOP | Keith Tilston Won The WSOP High Roller Championship

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The Marked Playing Cards WSOP event is nearing its end. Keith Tilston from the United States won the championship in the highlight event #83-10 million to buy the Super High Roller, earning $2.7924 million. In the heads-up, he defeated Daniel Negreanu and won the highest prize in his career .
Keith Tilston won marked playing cards WSOP
Previously, he won the sixth place in the $50,000 buy-in High Roller and earned $275,874. At the final table, only he has not won a gold bracelet. But after the game, this record became history.
Negreanu was the short stack at the beginning of the final table, but he doubled it five times. In fact, he doubled from all players except Tilston on the final table. This year he reached the final table of the WSOP 4 times and won two runner-ups. In the WSOP event he won 10 runner-ups and maintained this record with Phil Hellmuth.
Marked Playing Cards WSOP Final table
Rank Player Country Prize
1 Keith Tilston United States $2,792,406
2 Daniel Negreanu Canada $1,725,838
3 Nick Schulman United States $1,187,802
4 Igor Kurganov Russia $840,183
5 Brandon Adams United States $611,258
6 Dominik Nitsche Germany $457,772
7 Sergi Reixach Spain $353,202
8 Christoph Vogelsang Germany $281,025
Tilston started playing WSOP in 2006. He has entered the WSOP money circle eight times before this year's WSOP. He has entered the main event money circle twice in the past four years.
Tilston is a regular visitor to the High Roller. In an interview, he said: "It feels great to win in this level of competition. I have played well in the past few years, but my luck is not very good. I try to play more and see what will happen this year."
Regarding opponent Negreanu, he said:
Heads-up with Daniel is somewhat surreal, and I will be his fan on other occasions. Obviously, most of the cheering groups here are his people. I am very satisfied with my performance, I have not made any mistakes. "
Negreanu missed the championship again
Negreanu has not won a gold bracelet since 2013, and this year his performance has been quite good – 15 money laps, this time he won a prize of $1725838.
Year Rank Event Bonus
2019 2 $100,000 High Roller $1,725,838
2019 2 $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship $151,700
2018 3 $1,500 8-Game Mixed Race $59,788
2017 2 $10,000 Omaha Heights 8 and above Championship $240,290
2017 3 $10,000 team competition $29,939
2015 3 $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Height 8 and above Championship $113,062
2014 2 $1,000,000 large drop of water $8,288,001
2014 2 $10,000 No 2-7 Low Ball Championship $156,674

Marked Playing Cards WSOP Final table review
After the game, Negreanu quickly doubled twice to become the second chip, but he quickly bluffed and failed in the game with Igor Kurganov, losing the winning chips.
Both sides checked on the 9-high flop, then Negreanu bet on the turn and the river, Kurganov called, and the hand was only 88. Negreanu's hand was Ax, which became a short stack after the bluff failed.
At this time, no player has been out, but this situation has not lasted too long. In the match against Kurganov, Dominik Nitsche's river card hit one of three plays to make Nitsche out. Kurganov then eliminated Brandon Adams. His A9 defeated his opponent's K9 and brought the game to a table of 4.
Igor Kurganov won fourth place

Kurganov suffered a heavy blow afterwards, Negreanu doubled for the third time, his A8 against Kurganov's KQ win.
After Kurganov was out, he was eliminated by Tilston.
Negreanu scored the fourth and fifth doubling at this time, and Schulman paid for the chips. The latter had less than two big blinds and was soon out of third place.
Nick Schulman won third place
Negreanu entered the heads-up with a weak lead and expanded the lead in the early stages of the heads-up. Tilston had 20 big blinds in the stack, but the Americans doubled and his three K against Negreanu's AA win.
At this time, the game ushered in a key hand, 800,000 blind, J-high flop. With two spades, Negreanu called the opponent's 1 million continuous bet and turned the third spade, and in pairs, Negreanu called another 3 million.
The fourth spade of the river. Negreanu called 6.5 million again, Tilston showed Spades 10, Negreanu Spades 9, flush to flush, Negreanu had little chips left.

After 4 hands, Negreanu went all-in and held A2. The opponent played with QJ. The river held a J. Tilston won his first gold bracelet.

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