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Marked Playing Cards WSOP | Israeli Player Won The WSOP Team Championship

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Three young players from Israel Barak Wisbrod (23), Daniel Dayan (25) and Ohad Geiger (26) teamed up to participate in the 2019 WSOP $1,000 buy-in team event, and they became the last winners in the 976 team competition , Got their first gold bracelet, earning $168,395.
"It's wonderful. It exceeded expectations. We can't describe this feeling." Dayan said after the game.
"This is a special final table. It's really not about money, it's about gold bracelets. I'm 23 years old. This is my first time playing in Las Vegas and I feel very good in the game." Wisbrod is The captain of this team, he said in an interview.
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Wisbrod and Dayan are tournament players, and Geiger is a cash game expert. Of the three players, Wisbrod is the only one who has had a WSOP money circle before. Wisbrod also won the $600 buy-in deep chip championship game held by the Venetian, earning $44,075.
In the 2016 Marked Playing Cards WSOP main event, sixth place Kenny Hallaert and his teammate Steven van Zadelhoff finished eighth, earning $15,674. Chahn Jung, Danny Wong, Aaron Motoyama and two gold bracelets in hand, Steve Sung, took sixth place and earned $27,864.
Anthony Zinno and John Allan Hinds won the WPT main event three times and WSOP gold bracelet winners. They shared a prize of $73,329.
The two heads-up teams are Geiger and Smith, and the members are Jerod Smith, Matthew Moreno and Lawrence Chan. Geiger entered the heads-up with a chip advantage of more than 3:1 and decided the victory with only 12 hands. Jerod Smith raised to 30 in the button position, 8c7h, Barak Wisbrod called with JcTc, flopped KcTs5s, Wisbrod checked and called 250,000.
On the turn Qc, Wisbrod checked again and got the Royal Straight Flush. Smith bet 600,000 and Wisbrod called.
On the river Ah, Wisbrod got a nut straight, Smith made a bluff and Wisbrod immediately called and won the game. Smith's runner-up earned $104,025.
Marked Playing Cards WSOP Final table
1 Ohad Geiger – Daniel Dayan – Barak Wisbrod $168,395
2 Jerod Smith – Matthew Moreno – Lawrence Chan $104,025
3 John Hinds – Anthony Zinno $73,329
4 Timothy Jurkiewicz – Zachary Gruneberg $52,390
5 Richard Washinsky – Fabio Coppola $37,944
6 Chahn Jung – Danny Wong – Steve Sung – Aaron Motoyama $27,864
7 Michael Marder – Daniel Marder – Paul Steinberg $20,750
8 Kenny Hallaert – Steven van Zadelhoff $15,674
9 Shaotong Chang – Jie Xu $12,011

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