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Candidates for The Poker Hall of Fame in 2019

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The list of 10 candidates for the Poker Hall of Fame in 2019 has been released. As in previous years, two people will be selected this year.

Ten-person roster: Chris Bjorin, David Chiu, Eli Elezra, Antonio Esfandiari, Chris Ferguson, Ted Forrest, Mike Matusow, David Oppenheim, Chris Moneymaker, and Huck Seed. This public vote and the Poker Hall of Fame Management Association members produced a list of 10 people.
2019_HOF_FEAT Poker Hall of Fame
Nine of the 10 people have been nominated before. Antonio Esfandiari was selected for the first time. He just turned 40 in December last year. He holds three WSOP gold bracelets and won a prize of $21,835,100 at the WSOP event.
The standard is still the same as in previous years: to be selected as a player, you must participate in the top events recognized in the industry and have excellent results. Players must be at least 40 years old.
Participate in high-purchase events, and pass the test to prove the ability for a long time.
For those who are not players, they must make outstanding and far-reaching contributions to the development of the industry.
A panel of 30 members of the Poker Hall of Fame and 21 media players in the poker industry will decide this year's members of the Poker Hall of Fame for a final vote on July 8 and a selection ceremony will be held before the WSOP final table on July 15 .
Last year John Hennigan and Mori Eskandani became the 55th and 56th members of the Hall of Fame.
Summary of the 10 candidates this year:



Chris Bjorin Bjorin, 71 years old, from Sweden, now lives in London, England, professional player, offline prize money of 5.7 million US dollars. Won the WSOP gold bracelet twice, entered the money circle 94 times, ranked eighth in history, the number of money circles in the WSOP main event ranked second in history, entered a total of nine money circles. He has won six digits and above in 19 natural years and is currently ranked second in the Swedish historical prize list.

Qiu Fangquan moved to the United States from China at the age of 18 and now lives in Colorado. He started as a dealer and has become one of the most famous contestants in history.
"Old Qiu" is 58 years old and has five WSOP bracelets and a World Poker Tour title. The cumulative jackpot for his career exceeds US$8 million. In 2008, he and Gus Hansen competed to win the WPT World Championship and earned US$3.3 million.



Eli ElezraEliahu “Eli” Elezra is 58 years old and comes from Israel. He currently lives in Las Vegas. He joined the army when he was young and later retired from the war in 1982. After retiring, he focused on business and poker, and was a successful businessman and player. He has four WSOP gold bracelets with a prize of more than 3.7 million US dollars. He has been a frequent visitor to the high cash bureau for 20 years.


Antonio Esfandiari Esfandiari is nicknamed "Magic" and was selected for the first time this year. His greatest achievement was the winner of the first Water Drop Super Charity Tournament, with a revenue of 18.346 million US dollars. Since becoming a professional player in 2002, he has won more than 27 million US dollars in prizes, ranking ninth in the historical rankings. He has 3 WSOP gold bracelets and 2 WPT titles. Born in Iran, he has excellent eloquence and often serves as an narrator on ESPN's WSOP live broadcast.


Chris "Jesus" Ferguson began his professional poker career in 1993, with more than $9 million in offline prize money, including $1.5 million in WSOP main event championship in 2000.
At the age of 56 this year, he entered the 129 WSOP tournament money circle, only behind the Hall of Fame member Phil Hellmuth.


Six WSOP gold bracelet winners. In 2014, he defeated Phil Hellmuth in the seven-card Razz event to obtain the last gold bracelet so far. The 54-year-old is from New York and has a prize money of more than $6.3 million. At the WSOP in 1993, he bought a seven-card stud with a limit of $11-5000 to win the championship. Two days later, he won the championship at 12 and 13 consecutively, three consecutive games, three different projects. This is never on the WSOP. Miracles. He has also won WPT events and singled out the National Cup. The high-profile game between him and Andy Beard is still talked about.


Mike "The Mouth" Matusow is 51 years old this year, with four gold bracelet winners and more than $9.5 million in offline prize money. In 2001 and 2005, he entered the WSOP Main Event Finals and reached five WPT event final tables. He is well-known for his hot personality.


The 2003 WSOP Main Event champion belonged to a Tennessee accountant. Chris Moneymaker obtained the main event ticket through a satellite game that was bought for $39, and made it 2.5 million US dollars in the main event. The history of online poker can be divided into two stages: "Pre-Moneymaker" and "Post-Moneymaker". It is the main event title he won at the age of 27 that ignited countless people's enthusiasm to change their lives through online poker, calling him to change poker The figures in the history of the industry are not exaggerated.


Oppenheim is from Los Angeles and focuses on the cash table. At the age of 46, Oppenheim is considered one of the most frightening cash players. His offline tournament prize money was $1,866,190. He won third place in the 2010 WSOP Poker Player Championship and earned $600,000. His career spanned a quarter of a century, and his comprehensiveness and stability were agreed within the circle.

Seed is from California and has 4 WSOP gold bracelets with a prize of more than $7.6 million. He is 50 years old this year. He won the Razz and PLO championships at the WSOP and the National Cup singles championship. In 1996, he won the WSOP main event. He started playing cards in 1990, and in 22 years his bonus reached six figures.

The following is the list of inductees for each year since 1979:
Johnny Moss 1979
Nick “The Greek” Dandolos 1979
Felton “Corky” McCorquodale 1979
Red Winn 1979
Sid Wyman 1979
James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok 1979
Edmond Hoyle 1979
Blondie Forbes 1980
Bill Boyd 1981
Tom Abdo 1982
Joe Bernstein 1983
Murph Harrold 1984
Red Hodges 1985
Henry Green 1986
Walter Clyde “Puggy” Pearson 1987
Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson 1988
Jack “Treetop” Straus 1988
Fred “Sarge” Ferris 1989
Benny Binion 1990
David “Chip” Reese 1991
Thomas “Amarillo Slim” Preston 1992
Jack Keller 1993
Julius Oral Popwell 1996
Roger Moore 1997
Stu “The Kid” Ungar 2001
Lyle Berman 2002
Johnny “The Orient Express” Chan 2002
Bobby “The Owl” Baldwin 2003
Berry Johnston 2004
Jack Binion 2005
Crandell Addington 2005
T.J. Cloutier 2006
Billy Baxter 2006
Barbara Enright 2007
Phil Hellmuth 2007
Dewey Tomko 2008
Henry Orenstein 2008
Mike Sexton 2009
Dan Harrington 2010
Erik Seidel 2010
Linda Johnson 2011
Barry Greenstein 2011
Eric Drache 2012
Brian “Sailor” Roberts 2012
Scotty Nguyen 2013
Tom McEvoy 2013
Daniel Negreanu 2014
Jack McClelland 2014
Jennifer Harman 2015
John Juanda 2015
Carlos Mortensen 2016
Todd Brunson 2016
David “Devilfish” Ulliott 2017
Phil Ivey 2017
John Hennigan 2018
Mori Eskandani 2018

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