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The knowledge contained in 52 cards - one

 [number implications]


Of the 54 cards, 52 are legitimate cards, representing 52 weeks a year; two are secondary cards, the king represents the sun, the king represents the moon; peach, heart, plum, square represents spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season is 13 weeks, and every game of poker is exactly 13 cards; every season is 91 days, and 13 cards add up to 91. The number of four kinds of flowers added together, plus King point, is exactly 365. If you add a king's point, that's exactly the 366 day of leap year.


[color meaning]

Playing cards are divided into four colors: spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. People all over the world to our national culture on four kinds of colors to give different cultural explanation. The French understand spears, squares, lilac leaves and red hearts; the Germans understand leaves, bells, oak fruits and red hearts; the Italians understand swords, coins, crutches and wine glasses; the Swiss understand oak fruits, bells, flowers and shields; the British understand spades, diamonds, clover and red hearts.


Why should we use these four designs as playing cards?


There has always been a lot of argument. There are two kinds of comparison:

One is that these four colors represent the four trades of the society at that time, spades represent spears, symbolizing soldiers; plum blossoms represent clover, symbolizing agriculture; squares represent bricks and tiles used by craftsmen; and hearts represent hearts, symbolizing priests.


The other is that the four colors come from the patterns of the objects used in ancient European divination. Spades represent the olive tree and symbolize peace. Plum blossoms represent clover and luck; diamonds symbolize wealth; and hearts symbolize wisdom and love. These four colors are good wishes to people for a year.


poker analyzer and marked card

Some of them take part in private poker games, and they will win the game with poker cheating tools.For example, using some invisible ink marked card, the ordinary naked eye can't see the tag behind the poker card. only a special contact lens can be used to see the back mark of the poker.Some are poker analyzers, and poker analyzer is a mobile phone with a poker camera installed inside. Using poker camera to scan poker can get the result of the game.Then send the result to your headset or vibrator so that you can win the game.