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Russian Professional Player Roman Kolenev Won The WSOP Marathon

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Get $500,000 in six days? This rate of making money is already fast, but if it is placed in Las Vegas this year, players may feel different.
In this $2620 buy-in game for 100 minutes at each level, players have an initial stack of 26,200. After a six-day match, Russian professional player Roman Korenev won the championship and earned his first gold bracelet.
Korenev won the championship in the 1083 buy-ins and won the largest part of the $25,537,14 prize pool. The 30-year-old is from Krasnoyarsk, and the championship brought him $477,401.
This is the highest prize in his career. He previously earned a fourth place at EPT Barcelona in 2016 and earned US$196,247. In 2017, he won the third place in the WSOP's $1500 buy-in unlimited Texas Hold'em tournament and earned US$174,559. His offline bonus income has exceeded US$2.1 million.
Korenev's heads-up opponent was American player Jared Koppel. The two sides played for 5 hours. The two players repeatedly beat their opponents to the edge of the outgoing. They repeatedly doubled from short chips. Korenev won the championship.
Russian professio<em></em>nal player Roman Kolenev won the WSOP marathon
In the heads-up, they doubled 12 times, and 5 of the first 8 were short-stack wins. In the 13th full heads-up of the heads-up, Koppel flopped the top pair + straight sign, while Korenev turned the bigger pair, and both sides invested all the chips in the turn. The river gave Korenev two pairs and the Russians won the championship.

"I feel great! This is a long way, I can't describe this feeling." Korenov said in an interview with WSOP after the game. "A beautiful dream comes true."
He said: "The heads-up process is very difficult. I don’t want to look back. In a long game, you may make more mistakes, and your opponent may make mistakes. In this kind of game, when you have no cards, the pressure will be less. One thing, this game is very suitable for professional players."
Entering the money circle are Timothy Miles (14th), Daniel Park (21st), Chris Grigorian (24th), Mohsin Charania (38th), Ryan Leng (40th), Erkut Yilmaz (43th) Name), Joseph Cheong (49th), David Pham (53th), Ben Ludlow (54th), Samantha Cohen (62nd) and Ben Palmer (64th).
Final table
1 Roman Korenev $477,401
2 Jared Koppel $295,008
3 Dong Sheng Peng $208,726
4 Francis Anderson $149,605
5 Joe Curcio $108,646
6 Joseph Liberta $79,957
7 Matt Russell $59,642
8 Gustavo Darosamuniz $45,100
9 Peter Hong $34,580

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