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Marked Playing Cards | Russian Beauty Poker Anchor Died Unexpectedly at Home

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Sad news came from the live poker scene – Russian female player Liliya “Liay5” Novikova passed away and she encountered an electrical accident in her home.
There is not much news about her cause of death, but this Thursday’s BBC report said: “Novikova died in her parents’ apartment. She may have suffered a fatal electric shock while shampooing at home.”
The Russian investigative agency determined that the cause of the accident came from the circuit. A friend of their family discovered the condition of Novikova and then called her parents.
Liliya “Liay5” Novikova
Liliya Novikova was once sponsored by PokerStars. Novikova has a certain reputation in the live poker community, especially in Russia. In 2015, she became a member of the PokerStars online professional team. At that time she was only 22 years old and had achieved SNE achievements on PokerStars.
Her offline bonus is less than 100,000 US dollars, the main result comes from online. She has been live streaming online for several years, and she lived on Twitch with the ID of "Liay5" three days ago. Her Twitch channel has 24,626 followers.
She graduated from Bauman University in Moscow with a degree in mechanical engineering.
Response from insiders
Many people in the circle expressed their condolences.
Incredibly sad, when I heard that Liay ‘liay5’ Novikova passed away. Her influence on this game is so good.
— Lex Veldhuis (@LexVeldhuis)
@LexVeldhuis My heart is broken. She is a sweet girl, beautiful and talented, working hard to improve herself.
— Liv Boeree (@Liv_Boeree)
@LexVeldhuis expressed such concern to her family at such a difficult time.
— Arlie Shaban (@ArlieShaban)
Just after hearing the news, poker has lost a great communicator. It's really sad.
— Jaime Staples (@jaimestaples)
@jaimestaples Unbelievable, she was still on the air a few days ago and it looks good. This is really a tragedy.

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