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WPT Event Review | Craig Varnell Won WPT Choctaw Main Event Title

 WPT Event Review | Craig Varnell Won WPT Choctaw Main Event Title
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Craig Varnell received a special birthday gift on the weekend. He won the WPT Choctaw station for $3,700 to buy the main event championship. The game was held at the HyperX e-sports center in Las Vegas. At the age of 36, he came from Colorado. It was also the first WPT championship in his career.
Craig Varnell Won WPT Choctaw Main Event Title
Last year, he won the gold bracelet at the WSOP. At the third WSOP event final table, he successfully reached the top and won the pot limit Omaha. His offline bonus is currently $2.2 million, and five years ago he was stuck in drug-related detention and several years in prison.
Poker has put his life back on track, his game style is full of aggressiveness and creativity, and his chips have been ups and downs. In the 5-player game, he only had 4 big blinds at one time, but his luck on his birthday helped him .
"When I found out that the final table was my birthday, I said, "Okay, great." It didn't go well at the beginning of the day. I left four big blinds. I don't know what happened and won a series. I’ll be back soon. It’s crazy. This is the best birthday gift you can get."
Final table
1 Craig Varnell $379,990*
2 Will Berry $243,330
3 Nick Pupillo $179,430
4 Trung Pham $133,770
5 Stacey Jones $100,850
6 Austin Lewis $76,890
*Includes a WPT Championship ticket worth $15,000
Craig Varnell
A total of 577 people participated in the event. The total prize pool reached $1,958,915. 74 people entered the money circle. Will Berry had the most chips at the beginning of the final table with 189 big blinds, while Varnell ranked second with 156 big blinds.
Entering the money circle are Joe Elpayaa (8th), David Pham (17th), Ping Liu (24th), Eric Baldwin (29th), Will Failla (49th), Blair Hinkle (53th) Name), Jared Jaffee (57th), Darren Elias (63th), Sam Panzica (70th) and Brian Altman (74th).
After the final table kickoff, short-stack players have doubled consecutively. Austin Lewis is out first, and his JJ loses to Stacey Jones' AK. Nick Pupillo, who entered the final table with the third chip, then got the TT, a flop of 10, Varnell got the K6 in the big blind, and the top and bottom pairs of the flop. Both sides invested a lot of chips and Pupillo doubled , And Varnell has only 4 big blinds left.
Varnell then flipped the coin twice to win, and the chips were replenished. Jones got KK all-time at this time. Trung Pham's AA played against him. Jones failed to reverse and was eliminated in fifth place.
The chip leader changed position once when the four players played. Pupillo used to lead, but Pham then took over the game. In the 110th hand, Varnell got the TT and made 30 big blinds. Pham's AQ call failed to win. Varnell got a double chip lead and has not been overtaken by opponents since.
Craig Varnell WPT

Pham was later out and his AQ failed to beat Berry's KK. Varnell and Berry had healthy stacks in the three-player match, Pupillo was short-stacked, Varnell had three on the flop with K7 in hand, and Pupillo hit two pairs. Both parties put in all the chips and Pupillo was out. He has won two HPT titles and one WSOP Tour Main Championship before, this time taking third place.
Varnell had 95 big blinds at the start of the heads-up and Berry had 59 big blinds. The heads-up continued for 14 hands. Berry got 88 big and 45 big blinds. Varnell's AT called and flopped a T to decide In response to the trend of the game, Varnell won the championship.

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