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WSOP Review | Brian Green Won The First Gold Bracelet at The 50th WSOP

WSOP Review | Brian Green Won The First Gold Bracelet at The 50th WSOP
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The first gold bracelet of the 50th WSOP was produced last night. Brian Green won the championship in the event of the 204 people participating in the event #2-1 million to buy the unlimited Texas Hold'em Super Headhunting, earning USD 34,569 and the personal first gold bracelet. . In the heads-up he defeated Ali Imsirovic, a good friend of 2018 GPI "Rising Star of the Year".
"This win has relieved me to some extent." Green said in an interview after the game. "I played better in a game with a lot of professional players. I know that players who play the $10,000 buy-in game are very strong. However, there are a lot of coin flips in the fast game, and there are not many post-flop actions. It’s just winning, it’s hard to win a game."
Brian Green Won The First Gold Bracelet at The 50th WSOP
Green moved from Texas to Las Vegas three months ago.
"I have stayed here for more than 100 days every year for 20 years, which is very expensive." Green said. "Later I thought, why didn’t you buy a suite when you spent so much money in the store? And your house has complete facilities and looks effective. Sleeping in your bed is not the same as staying in a hotel. I think this may be in this Summer is an advantage."
Green started playing cards in 1984. Before his father taught him to play poker, the offline bonus was $3 million, including $111,111 in 2016. The fifth place income from buying a drop of water charity tournament was $1,117,923.
Last September, he won the runner-up in the $10,000-10,000 purchase of Infinite Texas Hold'em at the Masters of Poker event, earning $138,000.
Final table
1 Brian Green United States $345,669
2 Ali Imsirovic United States $213,644
3 Asher Conniff United States $145,097
4 Loren Klein US $100,775
5 Ping Liu United States $71,614
6 Daniel Negreanu Canada $52,099
7 Martijn Gerrits Netherlands $38,823
8 Zachary Clark United States $29,650
9 Cary Katz United States $23,224
On the last day of Thursday, 6 people participated and played 9 hands. Six gold bracelet winners Daniel Negreanu got all of the AT in the button position. Loren Klein called in the big blind, handed QJ and turned Q , Negreanu is out.
After 10 hands, Ping Liu got the JT flush in the small blind, and Klein called with AT in the big blind. Liu hit the K high straight in the flop, but the turn of a J made Klein get the biggest straight. Son, Liu won the fifth place.
Although Loren Klein eliminated two opponents, he did not go further. He scored A9 before the flop and lost to Asher Conniff's AQ.
Shortly afterwards, the chip leader Conniff was out. His A9 lost to Brian Green's KQ, and a flop of K determined the game. Green entered the heads-up with Ali Imsirovic with a 2:1 advantage.
Ali Imsirovic found a chance to double and pull the chips to a balance. At this time, the game ushered in the last hand. Imsirovic got KK before the flop. Green's A9 non- flush flush called and a flop appeared. 9, the river is another 9, and Green won three. Imsirovic, who has been in a hot state recently, is only one step away from his first gold bracelet, but he also received a prize of $213,644.

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