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WSOP Marked Playing Cards | Phil Hellmuth: I Look Forward to The WSOP

Phil Hellmuth: I Look Forward to The WSOP
Marked playing cardsMarked cards

The 50th WSOP will start in the near future. Phil Hellmuth (15) with the most gold bracelets has been eagerly waiting for the summer game. He has also entered the 134 money circles, which is also the most in history, and he won the WSOP main event last time. It was in 1989, it has been 30 years.
"I look forward to it!" Hellmuth said in an interview with PocketFives. "I haven't won in 30 years (main event)!"
Phil Hellmuth WSOP
In 1989, the 24-year-old Hellmuth defeated two WSOP Main Event Jonny Chan, won the main event, and won the first of 15 gold bracelets, one of which was the 2012 WSOP European Main Event, 30 He still yearns for more years later.
When asked what other goals he had besides the main game, Hellmuth said: "It would be great if I could win a 2-7 three-match game-I have two runners up-so I want to win One game down." "It would be great if I could win another RAZZ game. If I really won, then based on the WSOP results, I should be the best RAZZ player. I also want to win a stud 8 and above. , Or an 8-GAME or 10-GAME mixed event. In the end, it is good to win an unlimited Texas Hold'em poker game with a high buy-in or a large number of participants. If you can win a heads-up event, it will be overwhelming. "
In addition to these games, Hellmuth recently announced on social media, "I want to win a WSOP pot limit Omaha championship in the next few years!" There are no Omaha projects in all the WSOP events he won. He won the fourth place in the 2000 PLO event, which is his best result in the WSOP Omaha project.
Hellmuth said: "I didn't perform well in two games: Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 three changes." "I keep improving and it's wonderful. Who knows what this will bring? No one thinks I can become the best RAZZ player in the world. However, I proved myself in 2012. This is a long-term process. I won two championships, one runner-up, one fifth, one 13th place. So I need to be in There have been improvements in the PLO competition, and I need to learn something from Jason Mercier and Shaun Deeb."
When it comes to Mercier and Deeb, Hellmuth has great respect for them, they have 5 and 4 gold bracelets respectively.
Hellmuth said: "Daniel Negreanu said he will catch up with me in terms of money." "A little-known fact is that Negreanu is more than I participated in the competition. Some people say they will catch me on the bracelet , Phil Ivey's goal is to win 30 games. My original goal was 24. After seeing his goal, I changed my goal to 30. But 24 are also very desirable, Ivey. Maybe Negreanu, Deeb, Mercier, John Monnette or John Hennigan all have opportunities. In the field of unlimited Texas Hold'em, I currently have 13 gold bracelets. The following Joe Cada, Dominik Nitsche or Adrian Mateos may catch up with me."
Hellmuth has an advantage in the competition of gold bracelets, the closest are Ivey, Jonny Chan and Doyle Brunson, each with 10 of them. In terms of money, Hellmuth led 137 times, Chris Ferguson had 120 times, and Negreanu ranked third with 108 times.
Hellmuth added: “Let’s not forget that I keep a record of most WSOP events.”
Hellmuth last won the gold bracelet last year, when he won the $5,000 buy-in unlimited Texas Hold'em tournament and earned $485,082. The last time he didn't make it to the WSOP final table in summer was in 2013.
It seems to many people that they can retire, but Hellmuth is still struggling on the field, he wants to add a few more lines to his record sheet.
"This is my nature and my genes," Hellmuth said when asked what drove him to continue to do so. "My strong drive has driven me to do this. I am competing with the best players in the world. In the past, present and future, I have tried to be the greatest poker player ever. 15 gold bracelets are not enough to stay ahead, so I maintain focus and determination, and constantly improve my strategy. I stay away from drugs and alcohol, and I am very self-disciplined. I pay attention to my weight every day and work on time. He said: "In long-term competition, maintaining long-term health is an important factor."
Hellmuth has fought for decades at the WSOP, and he knows the difference between today's and the past.
"Numbers," Hellmuth said. He said: "WSOP was very special at the time, it was a totem for the best poker players in the world. But it is not the case now, there are many matches. As early as 1988 and 1989, we organized a lot A one-day game."
Regarding his recent life, he said: "I am busy with business now, either as an investor or as someone who has the honor to join the advisory board (just joined the advisory board). In the past six months, I have invested Point B (online slot machine), (travel service support website), End Game Talent Agency (e-sports talent agency), and STEAM Role (mentor website)."
Hellmuth said: "I am passionate about business activities, but all founders understand that I will disappear in the poker game on May 25." "I really need to interrupt the social concentration of playing cards for a few months."
Finally, he said: "I think this year's WSOP main event will have more than 10,000 participants!"

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