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EPT Review | Sylvain Loosli Won EPT Monte Carlo High Roller Championship

 EPT Monte Carlo 10,300 Buy-in High Roller Championship
Marked playing cardsMarked cards
Frenchman Sylvain Loosli was the brightest star in Monte Carlo last night. He successfully climbed to the top of the EPT Monte Carlo 2019 €10,300 buy-in High Roller. A total of 70 people participated in the event. Defeated Georgios Kitsios and won the first prize of $198,610.
In the heads-up, the two sides alternated and led. Loosli's Greek opponent was close to winning, but the Frenchman doubled in two critical moments. Willing to promote this action, but it was the French who paid off at two crucial moments. When Loosli won the big pot with the second largest pair, Loosli took the lead.
Sylvain Loosli EPT
In the last hand of the night, Kitsios got 15 big blinds in K5, but Loosli called with A5. Kitsios failed to hit three cards on the river and Loosli won the flush.
Loosli has been active in the Hawker Race in recent years. He was born in France and now lives in London. He earned more than $7.1 million in prize money in offline events.
Final table
Ranking Player National Award (Euro)
1 Sylvain Loosli, France, 198,610
2 Georgios Kitsios, Greece, 142590
3 Seth Davies, United States, 92,680
4 Charlie Carrel, United Kingdom, 69940
5 Erik Seidel, United States, 54320
6Joao Vieira, Portugal, 42100
7Ole Schemion, Germany, 33270
8 Thomas Muehloecker, Austria, 25800
9Pablo Melogno, Uruguay, 19690
Progress of the third day
With only six players competing for the championship on the last day, Charlie Carrel started the game with an overwhelming lead. Loosli is a short stack, but he is very patient. Joao Vieira was the first player to be eliminated. His AJ lost to Carrel's AK. Erik Seidel was quickly eliminated by Carrel, and his KJ lost to his opponent's 99.
Then Loosli doubled for the first time. He had five key doubles that day, which also reversed the progress of the game. Carrel lost to Kitsios several pots in a row, giving up the chip lead. In the end he chose to go all-in when he got the nut flush flush. Kitsios' AA called and Carrel failed to hit the flush in the next two streets.
Charlie Carrel
The three-person match lasted for almost three hours, Loosli doubled several times, and Kitsios used his aggressive play to suppress the opponent. For the key hand, he hit the K-high flush on the turn, Davies' top pair hit the straight on the river, and both sides put in all the chips. Davies had slightly fewer chips and he finished third. The game entered heads-up.
Nine players in the event money circle, Thomas Muehloecker ($25,800) and Pablo Melogno ($19,690) were eliminated at the last level the next day. Philipp Gruissem was out during the bubble.

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