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WSOP Event | Martin Kabrhel Won WSOPC Czech Republic Main Event

WSOP Event | Martin Kabrhel Won WSOPC Czech Republic Main Event
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Martin Kabrhel is the most famous tournament player in the Czech Republic, with two WSOP gold bracelets. This time he added a new collection to his honours showroom-he won the championship at the WSOP Tour Roswaldov Station of 1700 Euros to buy the unlimited Texas Hold'em Main Event and earned a championship of 190,000 Euros The bonus ($21,280). 650 people participated in the event.
This championship made his offline event prize money reach 7.6 million US dollars, currently ranked first in the Czech Republic, leading the 2011 WSOP main event runner-up Martin Staszko (6.2 million US dollars), 2016 WSOP main event fifth place Vojtech Ruzicka ($3.7 million) and the host of the tournament, Leon Tsoukernik, owner of the Czech Rosładov Casino ($3.1 million).
Martin Kabrhel WSOP
On the last day and the fifth day, 23 people participated. Kabrhel was ranked fifth in chips when he started, and he ranked second when he had nine players, only 3 less than Jakub Oliva in first place. Big blind.
At the final table Kabrehl eliminated six opponents. He first got the TT and called Raz Alon's all-in. The latter hand 99, although "not necessary", but Kabrhel still set on the turn, Alon was eliminated in the eighth place.
Daniel Smiljkovic was later out. He went all-in with KK before the flop, Kabrhel's A2 non-flush call, the latter hit two pairs on the river and Smiljkovic took seventh place.
Then Andreas Heider won a coin flip game, defeating Martin Mulsow, and then all opponents were eliminated by Kabrhel.
Kabrhel established a huge chip advantage at the five-person table and used this advantage to pressure his opponents. In the next game, he was in the Co position with JcTs. Robert Skopalik's Qs3c called his last three big blinds, but Kabrhel had good luck at this time. He beat the opponent by a 10 on the river. , Skopalik won the fifth place.
Kabrhel took advantage of the chase, he then got As8d all-in, Andreas Heider's Kd9c called, Kabrhel hit the A8 two pairs of knockout opponents, at this time his chip stack was eight times the second!
Shortly afterwards, on the community cards of 9d 5c 2d 5s 4d, Kabrhel's 86 square flush card hit the flush, and Jakub Oliva's 74 spade flush had only a small pair, which was not enough to defeat Kabrhel. pick.
Kabrhel entered the heads-up with Harry Ross with a huge chip advantage, and the heads-up soon ended. Kabrhel got Th7d in the button and slid in, Ross checked 6d5d, flop 9d 8h 4s, Ross all-in, Kabrhel called, 3c, river Jh, Kabrhel won the straight and Ross won $123,200 bonus.
Final table
1 Martin Kabrhel $212,800
2 Harry Ross $123,200
3 Jakub Oliva $89,600
4 Andreas Heider $72,240
5 Robert Skopalik $56,874
6 Martin Mulsow $44,550
7 Daniel Smiljkovic $33,545
8 Raz Alon $23,387
9 Philipp Luetkemeier $18,518

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