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Phillip Pope Won the WSOP Tour Rolling Stone Casino Station Championship

 Phillip Pope Won the WSOP Tour Rolling Stone Casino Station Championship. 
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The 2019 WSOP Tour Tulsa Rolling Stone Casino $1 million guarantee main event ended last night. There were a total of 533 people participating in the event and a buy-in fee of $1700. After deducting the pumping, the actual total prize pool is only over $800,000. The event organizer faces Loss. Maurice Hawkins, who won the WSOP tour ring 11 times and won the tour championship four times, reached the final table with a chip lead, but this time he did not get a record 12 tour rings. Phillip Pope finally won the championship and earned 21.5 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.
Phillip Pope WSOP
"I can't believe this is the case." Pope said in an interview with WSOP after the game. "I really don't have much money, but I want to get another vote."
It seems that his choice is right. The 43-year-old truck company owner from Dallas won his first WSOP tour ring and the highest career bonus.
Pope reached the six-man final table with the second chip. He eliminated Viet Vo (sixth place, $41,300) shortly after the start of the game and took the chip lead. Barbara Sargent then went out. His AhJs failed to beat Trey Brabham's Td8c. A river spade 10 made Brabham win. Sargent won fifth place with a revenue of $54,140.
Brabham took the lead at this time, but did not hold it for long, and quickly slipped to the middle position. At this time Brabham got TsTc, Kou Vang's 8h8c called, the public card issued AsKh8s6d3c, Vang's Set won and eliminated Brabham (fourth place, $71,990).
Then Vang got AsAc, slipped in the button position, Hawkins got 9c4h to call in the small blind, Pope also checked. The flop came 9d8c7s, Hawkins went all-in, Pope folded, Vang seconds call, and a Jh was turned. The river Qh failed to reverse Hawkins. He earned third place with a $97,110.
Pope entered the heads-up with Vang with a 3:2 chip advantage. The last hand Vang opened the pool to 450,000 and Pope called.
The flop came 6d 4s 3d, Pope checked, Vang bet 250,000, Pope checked and raised to 650,000, Vang made a total of 4.4 million, Pope thought for a while, called with 7d6h, Vang hand Kd2d, flush flush Adding a single high card, the turn card 6c made Pope get three, a river Ts, Pope won. Vang's runner-up brought him $132,930.
WSOP Final table
1 Phillip Pope $215,000
2 Kou Vang $132,930
3 Maurice Hawkins $97,110
4 Trey Brabham $71,990
5 Barbara Sargent $54,140
6 Viet Vo $41,300
7 Jason White $31,950
8 Heatham Foty $25,070
9 Mark Newcombe $19,950