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Classification of Texas Holdem poker players

 Texas Holdem poker players can usually be divided into four categories.


(1) betting machine (nicknamed "big fish")


This is the worst player in the world, and the player you most want to meet. No matter how badly the player gets the cards, he or she will bet, and if there is a glimmer of hope, they will not abandon the card until they see the river. These players lack the knowledge and skills of Texas poker and have no principles. It's hard for you to determine the strength of a player's card, but if they bet or re-bet, that means they have a strong card in the hand, because "Big Fish" is usually a passive player, there is no strong card, they will not raise. When you meet a player like this, you just play your cards according to your basic strategy, and it's easy to win their money if you get a chance.


(2) hard rock


Hard rock means those poker players who play cards very conservatively and rigorously. Contrary to the betting machine, hard rock plays only those very strong cards. If they add up, they usually have strong cards for AA, KK, AK and so on. Most cards will give up, but if they enter the game, they will usually add. Though hard rock is better than the first two players, it is hard to win money in low stakes games. The reason is that in low-stakes games, even if your card is AA, if six players enter the game, a pair of A often end up losing. In high-stakes games, it's hard to win because other players can easily guess the strength of their cards by the way they bet on stones. Hard rock is just the opposite of a machine, playing too few cards. Encounter such a player, unless you have a good card, otherwise do not enter the game at last, not to gamble one-on-one with the stone. The greatest characteristic of stubborn stones is their predictability. When they enter the game, you can easily guess what the cards are in their hands.


(3) loose attacking type

Loose offensive players play as many cards as betting machines, but they add or re-bet even if the cards are bad. This player will also ante when they get A5 but not the same flowers.This kind of player can easily tell that they often add or follow notes before suspending the cards, and seldom discard cards after suspending the cards. If you have two players of this type on a gambling table, the total stakes in each game are high, which is what you'd like to see most, but remember: if you lose, you lose more. There are two things to remember about players like this: when they are betting, their cards aren't necessarily very strong, so usually someone else is betting your discarded cards, and you can think about betting. If you have a good hand, you have to bet again; and second, some loose offensive players are seeing the flop cards. they will play conservatively and even set traps for you to jump, so it's best to drop your cards if you have bad card.


(4) conservative passive type.

- Tightening passive players have a lot of money-making knowledge and skills, with the exception of being timid and passive.

It is easy to be deterred by other players' annotation and refilling. This kind of player is relatively rare in low stakes games. This kind of player sometimes is too rigid in book knowledge or rule of law and lacks flexibility. Texas poker is a very flexible game, according to the actual situation to grasp the rules of knowledge is very important to adjust properly. Strict and passive players are easy targets for loose offensive players. Rigorous passive players prefer to believe what they have rather than what they don't, so when three of the cards are in common and someone bets or bets on them, they usually prefer to trust their opponents to form the same card and discard their cards, even if their cards are good, such as two or three of the same number.


(5) conservative offensive type.

Fastening offensive players is your strongest opponent and the best player in Dezhou poker. These players can be likened to gifted investors, stubborn snipers and smart exploder. Your goal is to become such a player. This kind of player can quickly adapt to a variety of different games and different styles of players, and will adjust their game strategy according to the opponent at any time. A tight offensive player usually has the option of playing certain cards.They are not easy to enter the game. But once they enter the game, they will use every means to control this hand. They will "slow down" some very strong cards, in the case of high returns, they will use a better position to play some of the weaker cards. When winning or losing is clearer, they can give up cards that others will not give up. You must be careful when you meet such a player. However, you rarely encounter such players in low stakes games.


(6 ) use cheat poker props : poker analyzer 、invisible ink marked card



Some of them take part in private poker games, and they will win the game with poker cheating tools.For example, using some invisible ink marked card, the ordinary naked eye can't see the tag behind the poker card. only a special contact lens can be used to see the back mark of the poker.Some are poker analyzers, and poker analyzer is a mobile phone with a poker camera installed inside. Using poker camera to scan poker can get the result of the game.Then send the result to your headset or vibrator so that you can win the game.