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WPT Event Review | Vinicius Lima Won the WPT Winter Main Event

 WPT Event Review | Vinicius Lima Won the WPT Winter Main Event
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This year's $3,500 purchase of the Main Tower Winter Poker Open main event attracted 1,415 participants and set a historical record for the event. This is also the game with the largest number of participants in the history of the Allion Tower. The previous highest record was 1,313 people in 2011. The game produced a final table for 6 people on January 31. According to WPT's new live TV program, this year's final table will be held at the HyperX gaming center in Las Vegas. Vinicius Lima started with a short stack at the final table and finally won the championship. The 24-year-old professional player earned $728,430 in prize money and his first WPT championship.
WPT Event Review Vinicius Lima Won the WPT
"I'm lucky to feel good at this time. I can win when I go all-in. I just tried to play and I was lucky to win the game. This is incredible." He said in an official WPT interview after the game.
The final table was played for nearly 10 hours, and players started out on the 11th hand. At that time, the blinds were 150,000 and the bet was 150,000. Brandon Hall got a QQ raise to 350,000 in the CO position. Ian O’Hara made the A9 flush flush in the big blind. Hall called and eliminated his opponent. O’Hara earned sixth place with a revenue of US$154,734.
Playing another 115 hands, Vinicius Lima got the K8 flush flush in the small blind, Daniel Buzgon called his last 11 blinds in the big blind, the hand was A9 non- flush, Lima flopped K, River The card 8 eliminated the opponent.
Brandon Hall got 22 afterwards, all in, and was taken over by Lima's JJ. Hall failed to reverse, earning a fourth place income of $268,810.
Lima didn't stop the rhythm of knocking out opponents. WSOP bracelet winner Joseph Di Rosa Rojas from Venezuela played Q4 non- flush flush in the small blind, Lima's A6 non- flush second CALL, and the public card issued As Qs 6s 3d Th Lima hit two knockout opponents and Rojas earned third place with a revenue of $359,555.
Lima had 22.2 million chips when he entered the heads-up, while David Farah, the chip leader at the start of the day, had 34.4 million chips.
Lima quickly took the initiative to get the lead, and then continued to widen the gap with his opponent. Although Farah doubled it later, he had an 8:1 chip advantage before the last hand came.
The big blind 1 million bet 1 million, Farah made a total of 6.3 million in the button position, the hand was 95 square flush, Lima's KJ red peach flush called, the public card issued As Js 5h 2c Ks, Lima hit again Two pairs ended the game.

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