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WPT| Demo Kiriopoulous Won Waterfall Landscape Poker Classic Main Event

 WPT| Demo Kiriopoulous Won Waterfall Landscape Poker Classic Main Event
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The 2019 WPT Waterfall Landscape Poker Classics $5,000 buy-in main event ended last night. This year, a total of 620 people participated in the game, setting a new high for the event (517 people last year), and the total prize pool reached $2744518 ($2082991). After three days of competition, Demo Kiriopoulous from Canada won the championship and earned a prize of $517,424 ($382,894), which is also the highest prize in his career.
Kiriopoulous's best result was the sixth place in the main event of last year's PartyPoker offline millions of Canadian$5,300, which earned $312,000. After this win, his career bonus reached $888,216.
Kiriopoulous ranked 14th among the 19 players at the start of the third day. He then eliminated a number of players, including KT who defeated Zajdner by KK. Zajdner was eliminated in 13th place and earned $25,489.
Yuri Siniak then went out. His KK lost to Kiriopoulous's T9. Siniak earned tenth place with a revenue of $31,927. Kiriopoulous had already ranked seventh in chip stack.
WPT Demo Kiriopoulous
Kiriopoulous was in the middle of the stack when there were still six players, while playing against
In Andrew Pantling's game, he got a nut flush on the river. His opponent got a maximum straight of 9 on the public card turn of A 9 5 7 K. The river's Kiriopoulous AJ fired a pot size of 1.7 million , Pantling's 86 quickly called and Kiriopoulous climbed to the top of the chip rankings.
Jake Schwartz reached the WPT final table for the fourth time. He got all of QJ and faced Kiriopoulous's A8. Both sides did not win, and Kiriopoulous won. Schwartz's fourth place earned $123,867.
The three-player continued for 47 hands. Andrew Pantling led the chip, but after losing a few key pots, Kiripoulous took the lead. Pantlin pressed KK at this time, WING Yeung's 22 faced, the latter flopped SET, the river was promoted to gourd, and Pantlin's third name brought him $172,671.
Kiriopoulos entered the heads-up with Yeung with a 2:1 chip advantage. The two sides played 36 hands, but Kiriopoulos's lead has not been really threatened. Yeung got 9 big blinds in the J6 before the last hand. Kiriopoulos' TT seconds CALL, the public card issued A937T, Kiriopoulos won the championship.
WPT Final table:
Rank Player Bonus (USD) Annual Player Points
1 Demo Kiriopoulous $382,894 1,680
2 Wing Yeung $268,511 1,400
3 Andrew Pantling $172,671 1,120
4 Jake Schwartz $123,867 840
5 James Morgan $95,069 700
6 Noeung Troeung $77,826 560
7 Garrett Dansereau $64,036 420
8 Brad Lampman $51,058 280
9 Jason Sagle $38,283 140

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