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The Initial Conditions of The US "New Cold War" Are Worse

According to a report on the website of Russia's "Viewpoint" on July 25, US Secretary of State Pompeo delivered a historic speech, which is comparable to Churchill's Cold War speech in 1946. Pompeo elaborated on the irreconcilable struggle to fight to the end-but now the enemy is not Moscow, but Beijing. On the contrary, the United States does everything possible to try to win Russia into its alliance.
    The report pointed out that, however, the Kremlin rejected Pompeo's call, saying that China is an "ally" and a country where Russia is building a "special partnership".
   Economist Anton Ljubic said that Pompeo's speech was a cold war declaration to China.
     Vasily Kashin, a senior researcher at the Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that, strictly speaking, Pompeo’s speech was not the first Cold War declaration against China. Prior to this, US Vice President Pence also made a similar speech. The United States has also made changes to its strategic documents, including China as an enemy on par with Russia.
    Kashin told the "Viewpoint": "However, Pompeo's speech is more intense than all previous ones. It was published in the context of the US closing the Chinese consulate. From now on, China is the main enemy of the US."
    However, the outcome of the new Cold War is unpredictable, because China is stronger than the Soviet Union at the beginning of its confrontation with the United States in all aspects except nuclear weapons. Kashin believes that “the United States is enveloped by the most severe economic, humanistic, and political crisis. It is completely unclear how the United States will get rid of this crisis. Therefore, for Washington, the initial conditions of the new Cold War are far less than those of the last Cold War.”

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