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Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples terminated their contract with PokerStars

 Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples, who have many online fans, respectively announced their parting ways with their co-sponsor Pokerstars.
In recent years, as a well-known anchor in the poker circle, they are committed to live poker games on their respective twititch channels, and they are also active on YouTube and other social media, which has made their team a poker star Sponsorship.
On Monday, Jeff Gross released a video announcing that he "will no longer work with PokerStars" after the two parties cannot reach an agreement to maintain the relationship.
At the beginning of the 2017 WSOP Main Event, Jeff Gross signed a contract with the world's largest online poker site and became its ambassador. Jeff Gross is the host of his own twitch channel show, known as the "Poker Show", and is also a continuously updated vlogger, with more than 25,000 fans subscribed to videos on his youtube channel.
In addition to being included in the PokerStars Stars team, Jeff Gross was nominated as a member of the Jason Somerville team. Somerville is a member of Team PokerStars and his Run It Up Twitter channel is also part of the partnership with PokerStars. In his statement, Jeff Gross admitted that his relationship with the channel is uncertain in the future.
"It is unclear how our cooperation will proceed and whether we will continue to cooperate."
Gross insists that although his relationship with PokerStars is over, it is only the beginning of his poker career.
"This is my poker? My answer is ‘no’." "If anything is certain, it is that we will continue to do it seriously. Something will happen."
Staples hopes for greater success
A day later, another member of the PokerStars online star team also announced that they had terminated their contract with PokerStars.
"From today, my relationship with PokerStars has ended." Staples announced in a video posted on his YouTube channel.
Staples, a former "friend of PokerStars", became an official member of the Internet PokerStars in December 2016, calling this a "happy breakup". He said that this is his own decision and he is in favor of seeking other opportunities.
"I think I might have the opportunity to do something greater in my poker career," Staples said in his departure announcement. "This is a challenge. I thought a lot and I decided to finish it myself."
By playing online poker live in his mother's basement, his fans gradually increased. With more than 9.3 million views, he became one of the first-line stars of poker from the media.
"I have a chance to try something different. I still play poker today, but I have a new direction, which is scary and dangerous, but I am so excited."
Staples started live broadcasting immediately after announcing the termination of his contract with PokerStars. He played poker on the two platforms of PokerStars and PartyPoker. His channel name was "Free Players Playing Poker".

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