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Bryn Kenney won the Australian Millions Main Event Championship

Bryn Kenney won the Australian Millions Main Event Championship.
 After five days of fierce battle, Bryn Kenney from the United States won the championship with an income of 1,272,598 Australian dollars (916,271 US dollars). At the age of 32, his offline bonus has reached 26.6 million US dollars, ranking ninth in the history of the total prize money list.
Kenney has accumulated 2,208 CardPlayer Player of the Year points after winning this championship, ranking sixth in the annual standings.
At the start of the final day, Kenney was the last of seven players with less than 20 big blinds. After the start of the game, he doubled from the chip leader at the time and WPT champion Mike Del Vecchio. After that, he used JHeart SuitJDiamond Suit to go all-in before the flop and win against Gyeong Byeong Lee's AClub SuitKDiamond Suit. At this time, his chips climbed to the middle. position.
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At the same time, the local Australian poker player Andrew Hinrichsen has eliminated two opponents. First, his ASpade SuitJSpade Suit played against Hamish Crawshaw's QQ, allowing his opponent to get out of the game in seventh place and earn $174,240. Later, his JDiamond Suit10Club Suit defeated Gyeong Byeong Lee, who was hit hard before. The latter's remaining chips were won by him. He hit the top pair on the flop and defeated his opponent's AK. Lee won the sixth place with an income of $222,480.
Matthew Wakeman was then out. He got QQ all-in and met Cilnton's AA. The AA was not reversed by his opponent, and Wakeman earned $273,816 in fifth place.
Despite eliminating Wakeman, Clinton Taylor didn't go too far. He was first doubled by Del Vecchio and the chips fell to the end. Then he lost the coin flip and was out of the game. His AK played against Andrew Hinrichsen's 99, and the board was issued 10 Diamond Suit8Heart Suit6Club Suit7Diamond SuitAHeart Suit, Taylor won fourth place. US$347,760.

Hinrichsen took the lead in the three-player game. After the three-player game played 109 hands for a long time, Del Vecchio and Kenney gradually caught up.
At this time, the players decided to agree to distribute the prize money. Del Vecchio and Kenney had the same basic chip stacks. The former was only two big blinds more than the latter. Kenney was the biggest name and got the most share of US$916,271. Del Vecchio finished fifth in the main event last year with a revenue of US$293,973. This time he received US$915,957. Hinrichsen earned US$790,372.
Final table
Rank Player Prize (USD) Points
1 Bryn Kenney $916,271 2208
2 Mike Del Vecchio $915,957 1900
3 Andrew Hinrichsen $790,372 1520
4 Clinton Taylor $347,760 1140
5 Matthew Wakeman $273,816 950
6 Gyeong Byeong Lee $222,480 760