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Explosion in Beirut Has Killed A Hundred People

 On August 4, local time, an explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, has caused more than 100 deaths and more than 4,000 injuries. The Minister of Health of Lebanon stated that there are more missing than currently dead.

On August 4, thick smoke billowed after an explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.
Explosion in Beirut

According to news from Egypt’s “Pyramid” on the 5th, Lebanese Minister of Health Hassan Hamad said in an interview with Arab Sky News that “the number of dead is still increasing. So far, about 100 bodies have been found, and there are a large number of them. The data show that the number of missing persons exceeds the number of remains in the hospital. Rescue teams and civil defense teams are still searching for missing persons at the explosion site. The shock wave of the explosion spread over 20 kilometers in Beirut, causing serious damage to hundreds of buildings damage."
Hamad said: “There are now about 4,000 wounded and many of the wounded have not been treated because there are not enough medical staff in hospitals near the capital, and the number of wounded is too high.” Hamad revealed that there are four in Beirut. The hospital was completely damaged by the explosion, and there is an urgent need to transfer patients there to another hospital, which may intensify the spread of the new coronavirus.
Hamad said: "Although medical supplies are very scarce, we are still working hard to help and treat the wounded. However, the lack of medical supplies has caused us great trouble." In addition, Hamad said that the explosion caused serious damage to the warehouse of the Ministry of Health. A large number of supplies were destroyed. Considering the rebound of the new crown epidemic in Lebanon, Hamad said that the explosion may have a series of disastrous consequences for Lebanon.
The "Pyramid" quoted the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation "LBCI" as saying that Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud estimated that the amount of damage from the explosion was between 300 million and 5 billion US dollars, or even more. He also stated that 10 members of the Beirut fire brigade were killed.

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