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Kempe won the Australian Millions 2.5 Marriott away championship

 Rainer Kempe won again. In the 2019 Australian Millions AUD 25,000 buy-in challenge, there were 151 participants, setting a new event record. Kempe won the championship after agreeing to distribute the prize money in the heads-up.
Kempe's heads-up opponent is the 2019 Australian Millions Main Event Champion Toby Lewis, who previously eliminated the 2019 PCA Main Event Champion Chino Rheem. The difference in bonus between Kempe and Lewis is close to A$50,000.
In 2015, he lost to Michael Soyza in the cumulative race at the Australian Millions and finished second. This time he finally got his first Australian Millions ring.

Final table
Place Player Country Bonus (AUD) Bonus (USD)
1 Rainer Kempe Germany $826,465* $595,055*
2 Toby Lewis United Kingdom $786,214* $566,074*
3 Chino Rheem United States $416,760 $300,067
4 Guillaume Nolet Canada $308,040 $221,789
5 Gautam Dhingra Australia $217,440 $156,557
6 Luke Marsh United Kingdom $154,020 $110,894
7 Jack Salter United Kingdom $117,780 $84,802
*Agreement to distribute bonus
After Kempe won this time, the offline bonus has exceeded 19 million US dollars. Two weeks ago, he had bought the PCA High Roller champion for $50,000, earning $908,100.
"It's really cool." He said in an interview after the game. "I really had a chance to win the first ring when I went to the late stage of the first offline event. It is really great to be able to realize my dream this time.
Event progress
At the start of the next day, 29 players participated and 17 entered the money circle. Those who were out early were Alex Foxen, Sorel Mizzi, Vojtech Ruzicka, Robert Heidorn and Koray Aldemir.
Kempe, Rheem, Sosia Jiang and Jack Sinclair doubled near the money circle, while Najeem Ajez and Jack O’Neill were out during the bubble.
Najeem Ajez's top pair met Salter's pair + flush trillion, and Jack O’Neill's AK all in, Kempe's KK called and beat him. The two players were out at the same time, splitting the minimum bonus, each earning A$31,710.
After entering the money circle, Jiachen Gong, Jiang and Martijn Gerrits were eliminated one after another. Dhingra surpassed Kempe to stand on the top of the chip leaderboard.
"For some reason, there were 11 people at 10:30, and many of them were tired." Kempe said. "They are discussing how to end quickly."
But after dinner, Japanese poker players Hideki Izutsu and Kazuhiko Yotsushika went out one after another, resulting in a 7-man final table.
Salter entered the final table with a short stack and ended up with 12 big blinds, losing to Luke Marsh, and Salter finished seventh.
But Marsh didn't go too far. Rheem's 33 won a big pot and became the chip leader, and Marsh became the short stack. He was subsequently eliminated and earned A$154,020.
Dhingra then lost several pots in a row and his chips quickly dwindled. In the end, he moved all in with AK and hit the nut straight on the flop. However, his opponent's river card hit the back door and eliminated him. Dhingra earned 217,440 in fifth place. Australian dollars.
The last four players all had the chip lead, but Nolet was out first. Rheem's 99 lost to AT, which defeated him, and again took the chip lead.
However, in a crucial coin flip game, Rheem's 99 lost to Kempe's AQ and was out.
Soon after the heads-up started, the two parties agreed to distribute the prize money, and Kempe won the trophy and more prize money.