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WPT Poker Event | Denys Shafikov won the WPT Sochi Championship

 WPT Poker Event | Denys Shafikov won the WPT Sochi Championship. 
The first series of the WPT 17th season this year was held in Sochi, Russia. There were 503 participants in the main event. In the end, Ukrainian player Denys Shafikov won the championship and earned US$255,258.
WPT Poker Event
Shafikov entered the final table with a chip lead. This was the second time in his career that he won the WPT money circle. At the end of last year, he finished 91st in the WPT Five-Star International Classic with an income of US$20,381. Before the WPT Main Event, his offline score was close to $750,000, and his career best score was $461,132. He was fourth in the Barcelona Main Event of the 12th EPT Season in 2015.
WPT Sochi, Russia Final Table
1. Denys Shafikov – $255,258*
2. Aleksey Gortikov – $171,236
3. Yauhen Kontush – $110,736
4. Nikolay Fal – $79,768
5. Mikhail Galitskiy – $62,751
6. Oleg Pavlyuchuk – $51,051
*The championship includes a WPT end-of-season championship ticket worth $15,000
The first to be eliminated at the final table was Oleg Pavlyuchuk. In the 24th hand of the final table, his 88 lost to Gortikov's 99.
In the 58th hand of the final table, Shafikov defeated Mikhail Galitskiy, who finished fifth. When the big blind was 80,000 and the ante was 80,000, Galitskiy got Jh9c and went all in for 865,000. Shafikov's 55 called on the button. The board issued KdKc3c8h5h and Shafikov's full house won.
In the 77th hand of the final table, Shafikov got AhKd all in. After Nikolay Fal's KcTs called, he was completely suppressed and Nikolay Fal was out.
The 3-player match lasted until the 116th hand of the final table. Aleksey Gortikov got a JJ all-in from the small blind, and Yauhen Kontush called with 99 from the big blind, but failed to reverse. The game entered a heads-up.
Shafikov had a great chip advantage when he entered the heads-up, but Gortikov quickly doubled. The chip ratio between the two sides was 6.4 million to 8.9 million. The gap is not very big. But Shafikov quickly moved away. Before the final hand of the final table, Shafikov had more than 10 million chips, while Gortikov had less than 5 million chips.
In the 168th hand of the final table, the big blind was 150,000. Shafikov opened the pool to 375,000 from the button. The hand 9d9h, Gortikov went all in, hand Ac7c, the public card was issued Ks3h2d9s4h, and Shafikov's pair won the championship. Gortikov's runner-up brought him $171,236.