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Poker Match Update: Polk vs. Negreanu Key Moments


The heads-up match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu is entering the most important stage of the poker match. Because the 12500 hand mark is coming. The poker masters took a break last week, but there are two duels planned before Christmas.

Poker Match Update Polk vs Negreanu

Poker Match Review

Daniel scored a big victory in a recent game-with a profit of more than $140,000. But he was still struggling towards the midpoint of the event. And this midpoint is very important. Because players who were behind at the time can choose to stop without being punished. If you choose to continue, the game will continue for another 12,500 hands.

At present, more than 10,784 hands have been played in the competition, and 1,716 hands are still short of the halfway distance. Polk temporarily leads with a profit of $814,290.

Daniel made it clear in an interview after the game that he intends to continue. We all know that he will be behind at the 12,500 hand mark at this time, it's just a question of how much.

Although falling behind by a large margin, Daniel still claims that he is playing well and luck is the main factor in the loss. Therefore, we should all expect this game to last a full 25,000 hands. But he admitted in a recent interview with Matt Berkey and Christian Soto that there is a situation where he will quit midway.

"I feel good about my game progress," Daniel said in the interview. "I decide whether I have played 12,500 hands, 100% depends on whether I think the game is competitive. If I think he can beat me for every 100 big blinds, or something like that, then it's impossible."

Next Week of The Poker Match

With such a big disadvantage, Daniel urgently needs to cut more losses, and fast. The previous game was a start in the right direction, but in another bad game, he would fall behind by $1 million. If he can't continue his stop loss at the halfway point, it's hard to imagine any reason for him to continue the game to a full 25,000 hands.

Polk and Daniel will return to the virtual table of on Monday (December 21) at 2:30 PM PT. They will play another game on Wednesday and then enter the Christmas holiday. After the holiday, they will restart at 2:30 pm on December 28.

After the game on December 28, they are likely to be close to the 12500 hand mark. But the game will stop at 12,300 hands so they can live stream the last 200 hands-on PokerGo at PokerGo Studios in Las Vegas. After that, it depends on Danniu's decision, whether he wants to continue or find other free time to do it.