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Cheating casino exposed: gambler catches gaming house using remote-controlled dice

 After losing the equivalent of US$6,700, a man in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung discovered he’d been swindled by the casino.

Suspicious that the gambling hall was using remote controlled dice, the unidentified man angrily smashed the dice used for the game that lost him a half dozen Gs, only to discover electronic receivers inside one of the die. Furious the man allegedly whipped out a knife and threatened the gambling establishment’s owner, demanding that the man return his money.


The owner refused and the next day the man and his friend came back with reinforcements and smashed up the gambling hall, prompting the owner to take them to court.


The (allegedly cheating) owner sued them for property damage, but the man and his friend countersued saying that they’d been cheated out of their money and furnished the smashed die as proof.


The judge found the gambling hall owner not guilty as the alleged victims were unable to produce a remote control which would’ve proved that the dice were being controlled.


The judge did, however, convince the gambling hall owner to drop the property damage charges he’d leveled against the two men, after threatening to have his business establishment thoroughly searched for illegal gambling devices.


But how does that fix anything in the long run? What a useless judge.

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