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The COVID-19 Is Still Wreaking Havoc on The Poker Industry in Europe


One year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the impact of the live poker industry in Ireland has been considerable, and the organizers are still not ready to arrange any events.

The vaccine plan is expected to bring life back to normal in the next few months, and marketing director Vadim Soloveychik also expressed hope that if the vaccine plan is successful in time, the Irish Poker Open can actually be held for the second time in 2021.

Poker Industry in Europe

At the same time, due to the epidemic, the Philippines has also introduced a cockfighting bill to increase tax revenue. The Philippine government will target a $1 billion cockfighting industry to increase taxes to help fill the deficit. Due to the ongoing epidemic, national finance has already faced a reduction of nearly 10%.

On the other side, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey will be demolished, and a bidding war is underway to activate the explosives. The property has been vacant for 6 years and is scheduled to be demolished on January 29, 2021.

The epidemic is still causing damage to the gaming industry in Europe. only one day after the end of the World Series of Poker Main Event International Station, the King's Casino has been closed until further notice.

British high street gaming companies were also forced to close before Christmas. On the basis of the three-tier system, as a more extreme preventive measure, a new fourth tier was established. With the slow progress of the British vaccine program, if the lockdown continues, we may see stores closed during the New Year.

Three poker industry resolutions in the poker industry in 2021

After the lessons learned in 2020, what is the goal of the global poker community in the coming year? The UK has officially locked the country, and the number of hospitalizations in the US for the new crown has reached a new high. Let's take a look at the attitudes and suggestions of other international media on foreign live games!

Poker Industry Resolution 1: Support local poker rooms

No matter what the advice is, it heavily reflects the difficult year we have just passed, but slowly, we will begin to return to normal life. Due to the epidemic, live poker will hardly exist in 2020, and many poker rooms have felt the pain. The first suggestion may be very simple for those who desperately want to play live poker. This is to provide extra support to your local poker room.

Poker Industry Resolution 2: Return to Reality, Approaching Society

When the epidemic is really under control and everything starts to return to normal, you can step out of the Internet, enter society, see friends, walk more often, and reset your mindset. So when the lock-in around the world ends, this will be the best time.

Poker industry resolution 3: insist on washing hands

Perhaps the epidemic will eventually pass, but it will also leave many negative effects on all aspects of daily life. When the COVID becomes a distant memory one day, what we hope most is that live poker takes extra steps to keep the table and chips clean. This includes making regular hand washing a thing we should all yearn for.