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David Baker Won The Championship| Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest

2020 is a long year for many professional poker players. As early as March, live games and regular table games disappeared in Las Vegas and around the world almost overnight. In the summer, the Rio lobby, which is usually packed with professional players and entertainment players, is empty.
As the two-time WSOP bracelet winner David'ODB' Baker said: "2020 is a bad year for me and most poker players. The bills will not stop, but the game will stop."
NFL Poker Betting Tournament: Baker and Mark Gregorich
Baker and Mark Gregorich performed well in two high-profile NFL betting games in Las Vegas. And they ended the year with a high profile. These games run through the NFL season. Players will bet on five games every week. Guess is the difference. They won first place in the Ximen Super Contest, which was bought for $1,500. Earned $435,623. In addition, they tied for second place in the $1,000 Circa Sports Millions competition. Earned another 200,000 dollars. Coupled with their first quarter bonuses in these two games, the two eventually reaped $785,623. Baker and Gregorich took the lead early.
Rugby Super Tournament
The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest is the ultimate football handicap challenge! The player who correctly scored the most points in the entire professional football season will be declared the champion. And it is possible to get more than one million dollars in bonuses.
The registration fee is 1500 yuan. The top 100 players win cash prizes.
The 2019 champion charged a record $1,469,644.80.
The deadline for all registrations is 3 pm Pacific Standard Time on September 12.
The format of the super contest: the contestants select 5 professional games against the competition line. 1 point for a win and half a point for a tie. In the 17-week regular season, the player with the most accumulated points will be declared the champion.
"Our start was great. After the first quarter, we entered the fifth week. We knew we had a chance. We had an 18-2 start. about halfway through, we really started to feel the truth. about the first In 12 weeks, we really started to adjust our strategy."
Rugby Super Tournament 2020 season
The preparations for the 2020 season are different from any other season. There is no preseason for anyone. The limited training camp means that the teams are rusty when they play. For Baker and Gregorich, their strategy for coming in is to put money on a good quarterback. They will be less affected by the usual pre-season turbulence.
"We thought that the home court advantage was basically abolished this year. We also quickly made assumptions, which later became a basic fact. QB has a big advantage in the empty court. We had a good dinner in the early days. The QB played in the away game. Over time, these points became more and more difficult to use. The early 2-5 line became 6-10." Baker told us.
This is only the second year that the two have participated in the Super Contest, and it is also their first time participating in the Asian Sports Championship. However, their years of poker knowledge and game theory will certainly help them to navigate the potential pitfalls of getting ahead from the beginning.
"In the super game, we had a decent lead. 2-4 points and it started to become thinner. At that time, we adopted a more flexible tactic and tried to block. The lines are good. At the same time at Circa We are also a little behind in China," Baker said.
"We lost several of the choices we made on both cards. We knew we needed to take some leverage points and went against the trend. We managed to win the worst routes several times and gained leverage." Baker continued.
Poker players at tournaments will often tell you that all they want in the end is a sweat. A chance to win. Gregorich and Baker found themselves in a very good position as they entered the final week of the season. They maintained a half-point lead in the Asia Sports Tournament. However, in the Super Contest, their lead is a more comfortable three-pointer.
Behind the scenes
Of course, these two sports bettors spent a few hours picking what is likely to be the five largest sports betting in their lives. Baker introduced us to the behind-the-scenes content that the two discussed most before Sunday's final.
"When we entered Week 17, we obviously had a lot of ideas. The first idea was to focus on the Washington-Philadelphia game if possible. Try to fall on the team with the highest kickoff line value. That is to say, Washington is in The odds in the game are -2, so if we think the odds line will go up, we buy them. If it goes down, we play Philadelphia."
They finally decided to choose Washington (-2), of course, the players also have the idea of ​​hedging. But in this particular situation, it's not easy. It turned out that these two players have already made a decision. They will spend huge sums of money on the Eagles to ensure greater rewards.
"This is the only hedging point we intend to take. If we need this game, we can bet on Philadelphia in a modest way. As a result, if we need Washington, we will bet on Philadelphia at 6.5-7 and we can make a lot of money. Money. Our approach to the rest of the cards is similar to the past few weeks."
Gregorich and Baker submitted three choices on these two cards. Washington football team, Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Ravens, and Carolina Panthers. Their choice on these topics is 2-1, while their choices on the other two topics are different. On Circa Sports, they chose the Packers and Seahawks, while the SuperContest card has the Cowboys and Steelers. Both ended up 1-1.
"We have a team pool that we like. Carolina, Buffalo, Green Bay, Seattle, Dallas, and Detroit will become late-stage possibilities. We have almost only three places left for these six teams. Green Bay is Our favorite, but the odds are -5/-5.5 in the game, and -4 in the actual game. We promised, but the change of the route caused us to win them only at Circa."
Gregorich lobbied his hometown Seahawks for one of the final draft picks, just as he has done it several times this season. Just like what often happens in the Seahawks game, the last quarter of the game is very crazy, making poker pros ride a roller coaster and making the big final table feel ashamed.
Game review
The Seahawks have a -6 advantage, which means Gregorich and Baker need Seattle to win with a full touchdown advantage. However, the Seahawks' offense struggled throughout the game, and when the Hydra led 16-6 early in the fourth quarter, everything seemed very lost. But then, the Seattle team's consecutive touchdowns led them to a 20-16 lead and made it possible for them to have miraculous screens. Subsequently, a double-team error allowed the Eagles to take the ball back. After another touchdown, Gregorich and Baker still seem to have a chance to win the first prize of the $1 million Circa competition.
However, the 49ers played a garbage time offense and scored the ball with 23 seconds left. This score is meaningless to the overall result of the game, but it changed everything in Las Vegas. Baker likened the emotions in the last two minutes of that game to a place he has experienced many times in his poker career.
Imagine that in the last hand of a big game, there is a $800,000 gap between the first and second cards. You go all in with AK and KK. It’s no big deal, if you lose, it’s cool. That's how it feels throughout the game. We are on the wrong side. A clean turnaround, no sweat. We are going to lose. "Baker said.
"Then the ace came out of nowhere and hit the turn. Now we are going to win! Then before you realize it, the K on the river will beat you. This is how we feel. Yes, we still need Washington. , But the line moved to -6.5, so we knew we had a good middle to hedge and won a lot of money."
"To be honest, I think this bonus distribution is quite disgusting. The number of first place is three times that of second place. But anyway, sometimes you will get a high return, sometimes not."
Baker and his wife had plans to move to Las Vegas before the 2021 WSOP they hoped, so Baker said that most of the bonus will be used to buy a new house there. For Baker, this is a bittersweet ending, and he and everyone will never forget this year.