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Celina Lin becomes the latest professional player to leave PokerStars

PokerStars has another staff change, and six professional players have gone to new places.
Celina Lin is the latest professional poker player to part ways with PokerStars.
Celina Lin leaves PokerStars
Following the recent termination of the cooperation between PokerStars and Chris Moneymaker, Celina Lin also joined the team that left the team recently.
Celina is the last remaining member of the PokerStars Asia team, and her departure marks the end of an 11-year partnership.
Celina leaves, newcomer joins the PokerStars team
Celina has been working with PokerStars since 2010. Her first major victory was in the 2012 Macau Cup Red Dragon. Since then, she has won more than $1 million in prizes in offline tournaments and has become a leader in China's poker industry.
Celina announced the news on Twitter and thanked the poker stars for giving her the opportunity to play poker tournaments around the world.
Former PokerStars members Mikhail Shalamov and Kalidou Sow also left PokerStars at the end of 2020 to become freelance players. There are also Nick Walsh, Eva Reberc and James Mackenzie who live on the Twitch platform.
The New Year is often when poker changes. In the past two weeks, PokerStars bid farewell to seven players and welcomed some new members.
Retired football star David Ginola was called up to represent the French PokerStars team in October this year. Recently, the blogger True Georgie from YouTuber, aka Brian Davis, became the new official partner of the site.
This transaction may be a signal of a change in the direction of PokerStars' marketing efforts in the coming months.
Davis collaborated with PokerStars for the first time in a promotional series with KSI and Sidemen. Since then, he posted the news on YouTube together with professional poker player Charlie Carrel.
PokerStars is moving in a new direction
Internet celebrities like Davis have brought millions of fans and he has established connections with the next generation of poker players. This is an opportunity that PokerStars wants to take advantage of.
The partnership with Davis and the departure of various professionals also represent a change in the nature of online poker. In the past ten years, all platforms have become more and more suitable for novices.
Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event in 2003, triggering a surge in off-site matches. New players automatically flock to sites like PokerStars because the off-site poker industry is very new.
Some of these players later became skilled poker players, occupying online tables for most of the past decade. This is a problem for operators, because the so-called "fish" is becoming less and less.
Back to today, banned tracking software, random seats, and lottery-style games have brought entertainment players back to the table. In turn, this has also led to changes in the membership of PokerStars.
Professional players like Celina and Moneymaker left PokerStars to develop freely, while poker lovers like Davis entered PokerStars. This will help PokerStars attract a new generation of players. This also means that the future of PokerStars may be slightly different compared to what we have seen in the past.