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Jeju Landing's "Disappearing" of 13 Million US Dollars, Movie-like Absurd Plot

The visa-free policy of Jeju Island has attracted a large number of Chinese tourists to travel. Jeju Landing Casino is one of the famous casinos.

In recent years, it has also attracted many poker lovers to visit because of various live poker events.
Jeju Landing
Jeju Landing Casino has also been familiar to Chinese players for hosting the Jeju Red Dragon Cup in the past two years. Earlier this month Landing Casino reported to investors that it had lost more than 13 million US dollars!
What is shocking is that the money will weigh 280 kilograms when replaced with 50,000 won banknotes.
How did the money of Jeju Landing Casinodisappear?
After the police intervened in the investigation, they discovered that one of them was actually done by a Malaysian employee, but because she erased the surveillance video, the police still did not know her modus operandi.
According to police analysis, it took her 7-8 months to steal this huge sum of more than 145.6 billion won.
120 billion won (approximately 11 million U.S. dollars) has been recovered in Jeju Island. Part of the money was transferred to the safe in the VIP hall of the casino by the employee, and part was transferred to her home.
And this movie-like farce did not end like this. In addition to recovering the remaining stolen money, the police suspected that this was a theft case involving multiple people.
Currently three suspects have been identified, but due to the current outbreak of the new crown virus, these associates should not have left Jeju Island. At the same time, it should not be a simple matter to transfer such a large sum of cash out of the country.
At the same time, how they emptied the monitoring and did not find any management personnel in the process of committing such a long time is also puzzling.
Under the epidemic, the tourism industry of various countries is not optimistic, and major poker tournaments around the world are also in a state of stagnation.