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The PokerStars Turbo Series Will Start on February 21

PokerStars announced the latest iteration schedule of the PokerStars Turbo series. The series is a fast-paced tournament series.

There are no events in one day. The PokerStars Turbo Series will be held from February 21st to March 7th, with 134 championships. The guaranteed prize pool exceeds 25 million US dollars.
The PokerStars Turbo Series is not one of those PokerStars tournament festivals where every event has multiple buy-in levels. But the main event does have two buy-in levels. The $1,050 "high" buy-in main event has a $2 million deposit. And the $55 "low" buy-in main event has a $1 million guarantee.
The total purchase fee ranges from $11 to $5,200. Half of the game buy-in is $55 or less. 72% of net worth does not exceed $109. The full details of the tournament buy-in are as follows (provided by the PokerStars blog):
$11 (15 events)
$22 (25 events)
$55 (28 events)
$109 (28 events)
$215 (18 events)
$530 (12 events)
$1,050 (6 events)
$5,200 (2 events)
PokerStars Turbo series
There is another $1 million margin match on the schedule. Event No. 64, a $1,050 no-limit Texas Hold'em 8-man progressive knockout. Both $5,200 tournaments have a $750,000 deposit.
As one might expect, the vast majority of events are no-limit Texas Hold'em events. There are only 15 championships with other flavors. Including Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Omaha High/Low, 8-Game, Five Card Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Ante Omaha High/Low, HORSE, Pot Limit Omaha High/Lo and Old The fixed-limit Texas Hold'em.
Michigan has its own special series
For PokerStars, this is a busy week for the tournament series. Also on Tuesday, PokerStars announced the first Michigan State Off-site Poker Championship (MICOOP). Obviously, only for Michigan players (or obviously, I don't know you). MICOOP will be held from February 20th to March 8th, with a guaranteed bonus of $1 million.
For such a baby in an off-site poker room, it may be surprising that MICOOP contains 60 games, surpassing PACOOP in Pennsylvania (50) and NJCOOP in New Jersey (54). The main event fee is $300 and the security deposit is $125,000.
On Friday, January 29, the PokerStars poker room unexpectedly launched the tournament. Became the first online poker room in Michigan. Generally speaking, Internet gambling only started in Michigan a week ago. At that time, about a dozen gaming websites began to accept customers.
Many people, including me, did not expect to see off-site poker soon. Because the focus of Michigan seems to be the Internet and sports betting. It looks like they started well in Wolverine State. According to PokerScout statistics. In terms of cash game flow, PokerStars in Michigan has become the 16th largest poker room in the world.
There are an average of 450 cash game players in seven days, 50 ahead of Pennsylvania Poker Stars. Within the last 24 hours (posted this Wednesday night). Its peak reached more than 1,000 players. Remember, only people in Michigan can play.