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Can The 2021 WSOP Return Without International Players

Can the 2021 WSOP return? Is the WSOP without international players still a grand tournament?
Whether the WSOP can return to live games this year has always been a topic of most concern to many poker players and fans.
Earlier, Kevin "Kevmath" Mather said on Twitter that there will be a live WSOP event in 2021. Later, the host of "DAT Poker" Terrance Chan suggested that the WSOP might be held this year. And the date is more likely to be Between September and November. Danniu hinted in his blog that the WSOP will hold a live edition in the fall.
Rumors about the WSOP Fall Series have been circulating like this. But the official has never released any news about it.
After all, as Kevin Mathers said at the end of his tweet. Although the current vaccine project is going well, there are still many uncertainties in the future.
If you want to hold the 2021 WSOP in Las Vegas, there are indeed many uncertainties in front of you. So, how many links does it have to go through before it can come to reality?
One: A significant proportion of Americans and foreign travelers must be vaccinated before the series begins.
Two: WSOP requires Nevada to allow the event to be held. This means that capacity restrictions must be lifted. However, it is gratifying that Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 230 to increase the indoor capacity of many industries such as poker industry venues, restaurants and bars to 50% starting May 1.
Three: WSOP must be adjusted. This includes the need to have multiple start date plans. In case the preferred date is unsuccessful. It may even include adjustments to move certain venues to other venues.
Four: Preventive measures. Officials need to prepare a response plan in advance to deal with the situation that players may be infected with the virus in the middle of the game. But there is still a problem in this is, if they are infected with the virus, will the players' scores be blindly removed or will they be removed from the game and pay the corresponding fees.
The current obstacles and the various links that need to be experienced can only be perfected. This year's WSOP event has a greater possibility of returning to reality in the fall. The only thing we can do is wait.