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A Utah Girl Created Queeng Playing Cards

QUEENG Playing cards

It is reported that a 16-year-old girl named Maayan Segal in Utah made a new set of playing cards. This playing card can replace K (king), Q (queen) and J (knight) with monarch, duke and Dutch, as well as prince and princess.
Although this deck of cards still has the same suit and general rank, the name of the card has been changed. The king was changed to "monarch", the queen was changed to "duke" and "duchess", and the knight jack was changed to "prince" and "princess".
Obviously, this lovely 16-year-old girl is also using her own way to express her views on gender and racial inequality in a typical 52-card poker.
In 2020, Segal and her father founded a small business called "Queeng", which is the name of her new brand. With her recent reboot, the poker face has now been incorporated into different races. There will be several photo cards for each level, and the skin of the characters on them is darker.
Segal said in the press release that this does not actually represent the real people of the world. Even if they give these cards to the children, they hope that the children can see an accurate description of a complete world. So she created the first multi-ethnic card ever. In this card, men and women are equal again, and there are more colors and characteristics.