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Doug Polk Moved Out of Las Vegas With The Honor of Success


He came, he saw, he conquered. It's time for Doug Polk to leave Las Vegas for a new place.

Doug Polk

The undisputed king of online HUNL high-stakes tables revealed his decision on Twitter

Today is the last day of my life in Las Vegas. I moved here more than ten years ago, with only a few thousand dollars under his name, and a dream of playing cards for a living. It’s still hard to believe how all this came into being, and I can’t be more grateful for the life I have gotten.
Please come to the next chapter

This decade in the iconic "City of Lights" in Nevada has been full of incredible stories and victories against the world's top masters. Millions of dollars won at the poker table and Polk has become a household name in the poker world.

Starting from the Warcraft 3 player, his screen name "WCGRider" followed him into real poker. His love for poker caused him to drop out of college at the age of 19 and move to Las Vegas.

Like many people before, dreams are not easy to succeed. Doug Polk even considered quitting the game before things turned around. With his evil empire friends Ryan Fee, Jason Mo, Donger Kim, and Jason Les. This horrible team wreaks havoc on high-stakes games online.

Doug Polk 1

Through continuous efforts, Doug Polk defeated the best HUNL players in the world within a few years.

In the game against Ben'Sauce123' Sulsky, he took away $800,000 from his opponent. This also confirmed his status.

Because no one is willing to take huge risks against him. Doug Polk switched to live competitions and quickly proved that he can also mix with the best players.

In 2014, he had five 6-figure prizes, including his first WSOP gold bracelet, and won the second Super High Roller Bowl, winning $1,648,350, which became the peak of the year.

In 2015, he founded Upswing Poker with Ryan Fee and quickly transformed from "a blog that provides free pre-flop charts to the world's largest poker training company".

As part of the human vs. artificial intelligence poker showdown, a high-profile match witnessed the triumph of carbon lifeforms—at least this time—and Polk became a celebrity in this hero-finding game.

His victory in the "Drop of Water" High Roller with a $111,111 buy-in brought him more WSOP honors and the best bonus of his career in 2017 when he defeated Bertrand'ElkY in a heads-up. In Grospellier, he was paid $3,686,865.

Doug Polk 2

At this time, confident Doug Polk has started a very successful YouTube channel.

Mixing poker reviews with poker news, or "Polker" news, his witty and comical production quickly gained a large number of fans. It also brought some critics, especially when Doug Polk pointed the finger at some of the most famous players in the industry.

online battles with Jason Mercier, Tom Dwan, Cate Hall, Ben Tollerene, Luke Schwartz, "JNandez" and the most famous Daniel Negreanu ensued, all of whom were "relentless" by Doug Polk on YouTube Troubled by the "news" approach.

The latter's disputes caused by numerous attacks on Canadian legends eventually led to the recent "Grave Match of the Century". Doug Polk took $1.2 million from Daniel because they resolved their differences.

At that time Doug Polk had "formally retired" and stopped playing cards. Now it seems unlikely that he will change this state because Las Vegas will soon become a distant memory.

A series of tweets revealed that his new life away from Las Vegas still has no destination.

"It's not completely determined yet, it may be Austin…sold my residence and is thinking of a way…"

As for the next thing, it is unclear whether poker will play any serious role in Doug Polk's life, but among poker fans' thoughts on what he should do, there is such a tempting idea… …

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