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Misogyny in Poker | Kristen Bicknell Tweeted to Discuss This

Canadian professional poker player Kristen Bicknell tweeted to discuss misogyny in poker and received a lot of support.
The Canadian professional poker player Kristen Bicknell was born in 1986. She not only won three WSOP gold bracelets, but also created many good results in other poker tournaments. Kristen Bicknell also accumulated $5.1 million in prize money in the live competition. She was once ranked highest among female poker players in live tournaments in 2017, with a total GPI score of 2,627.75.
Bicknell posted a series of tweets to discuss the issue of sexism in poker caused by the Bilzerian Kade incident.
Kristen Bicknell tweeted to discuss misogyny in poker
In her tweet, she raised the issue of misogyny at the poker table and admitted that there is indeed a gender bias in poker. And Kristen Bicknell believes that the entire poker industry shouldn't be brought up alone for this kind of behavior.
But at the same time, she also said that most of her poker experience has been positive. Bicknell's remarks were quickly taken seriously by some well-known players.
American professional poker player Justin Bonomo, who specializes in high-stakes games, said that she appreciates her perspective on this issue. At the same time, I hope people can understand that it is best not to generalize these situations.
The wife of Phil Galfond, Ms. Farah Galfond, also responded. I agree and appreciate her attention to this issue.
Other Twitter fans also expressed their support: "You made a very good point-being underestimated and rough treatment is not unique to women. And I agree that if we let these negative thoughts pervade, we will Give them too much power. This can only be an obstacle at the poker table."
In addition to the support of well-known players, the protagonist Kade, who was caused to discuss this topic by the Vanessa Kade incident, also used his own actions. This strongly proves Bicknell's point of view.
Earlier, Kade expressed a lot of dissatisfaction with the poker site signing the local tyrant Dan, a misogynistic and sexist playboy as the ambassador. Not only did her speech fail to be respected by the company, but her account was cancelled and she was fired.
But what's awesome is that earlier this week, when Kade was participating in a poker tournament, he bravely defeated 69,000 players, became the champion of the tournament, and collected 1.5 million US dollars in the championship prize in one fell swoop.
It is an honor to win the championship and win the prize money, but Kade once again proved to the world that in this male-dominated sport, women can still achieve a higher level of victory.
Bicknell has been the same for many years, she is one of the best female poker players in history. Comparable with Jennifer Harman and Vanessa Selbst, and has a very high probability of becoming a member of the glorious Poker Hall of Fame in six years (at the age of 40).
I hope that her tweets and opinions will be accepted and valued by more and more people, and break the law of discrimination against women's status at the poker table.