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Women in Esports Charity Poker Tournament Will Be Held


An upcoming charity competition will focus on women and show their influence in the gaming industry. "Women in Esports Charity Poker Tournament" is a world-renowned professional e-sports organization. Team Liquid and the women-centered community Poker Powher is a cooperative project. It aims to highlight the representative significance of women in esports and poker.

Women in Esports Charity Poker

More women should join esports and poker games

Over the years, esports and poker have become more and more popular. These two games are still dominated by men. For Team Liquid and Poker Powher, this situation needs to change. Both organizations believe that women have a huge space to occupy in both areas. They must be constantly empowered. Let them take action and show the world that they can also be like their male counterparts in these two games. Compete and succeed.

Team Liquid is mainly composed of women. They decided to organize a charity tournament exclusively for women as part of their celebration of Women's History Month. Cris Amaya, the head of the organization's activities, said that their main goal is to find a platform for women from different groups to gather together, inspire and support each other, and become a stronger voice.

Since esports and poker face the same challenges in terms of female representation, Team Liquid contacted Poker Powher to initiate the event.

Female executives will participate in the Women in Esports Charity Poker Tournament

This charity competition consists of two competitions and is attended by women who hold leadership positions in different gaming organizations. The competition for advanced players will be held on March 25, and the competition for beginners will be held on March 26. The game will be played online with the support of Poker Powher.

Participants will compete in the form of winner-takes-all Texas Hold'em, and the prize money will be donated to the charity chosen by the winner.

The premium table will be created by Team Liquid team manager "Fasffy", Dignitas vice president of talent Heather Garozzo, CLG Esports franchise development, and outreach director Miss Harvey, Team Liquid social events manager Kelly Richard, Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole Lapointe Jameson, G2 Esports It is composed of the director Britanni Johnson and CLG content creator "Nemo".

Attended the beginner table were Karen Busenlehner, marketing project manager of Evil Geniuses, Jessica Chernega, host/game anchor, Karen Hennessy Coles, Immortals staff and vice president of culture, Krista Hiner, ESG legal partner, Izzy Mueller, general manager of Overwatch, and senior vice president of marketing at Cloud9 Kristen Salvatore.

The upcoming tournament will also invite professional poker player Gillian Epp, as well as Poker Powher's Melanie Weisner, Alex "Doc" Chauran, and Xuan Liu for commentary.

According to Erin Lydon, managing director of Poker Powher, poker and e-sports are more than just games. Both teach relevant skills and courses that can be transferred to life, business, and work, such as determination, confidence, and critical thinking.

Women in Esports and Poker

Poker Powher

Poker Powher has been teaching women the basics of poker, which in turn will help them achieve great success in their chosen profession.

By exposing women to poker games, they can learn emotional discipline, strategic thinking, make correct decisions, evaluate opponents, and build relationships in a competitive and fun environment. Not only can they become better poker players, but they can also learn some valuable life skills.

Poker Powher advocates tolerance and eliminates the patriarchal factor. The company also shares the same passion with them to build a community of empowered, fearless women.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid also empowers women and believes in their abilities. Many of their administrative positions are held by women. The organization was established in 2000 and has grown into a diversified global company, sponsoring dozens of championship-level athletes in various games.

Their esports team currently holds the record for winning the most prize money in the history of the game and has collected multiple trophies and championships on the international stage. For more details and updates on the upcoming charity tournament, please visit the Team Liquid website.