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Tom Dwan Became The Big Winner of The Eighth Season of High Stakes Poker

The eighth season of High Stakes Poker ended, "durrrr" did what he seems to have been doing on popular regular table game shows: the show turned the whole audience.
Tom Dwan High Stakes Poker
In this season, which restarted for the first time since 2011, there have been many huge prize pools and exciting hands. Some of the big stars of the game, such as Phil Ivey, Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth, participated in the 14 episodes of the show. But no one has achieved great success like Dwan, and this should not be surprising.
"durrrr" is not only a talented poker master, he also has a long record of great victories in "High Stakes Poker". As early as when the show was broadcast on Game Show Network, he never lost.
In episode 14, Tom Dwan once again became the protagonist of the show.
The most memorable hand in the last episode. Dwan raised to 5000 yuan with 6♥2♥ before the flop. John Andress (8♠8♦), Rick Salomon (A♦5♦) and Steven (Q♥9♣) all made the call.
The flop came Q♦-K♣-8♥. Dwan played 5000, and Andress, who hit three of them, decided to play slowly, so he chose to call, Salomon folded, and Steven called.
The 3♥ on the turn gave Dwan a flush draw. He bet 25,000.
Now Andress should add, commentator Gabe Kaplan said. "The flop may be a straight draw, and now there is a flush draw. There shouldn't be any cheaper hands."
Andress did not accept Kaplan's suggestion, but called again, and Steven folded.
With the 4♥ on the river, Dwan made a flush and placed a bunch of chips in the pot.
Andress was in trouble, but, like most poker players, he couldn't discard the three of them.
This hand can be said to be a microcosm of Tom Dwan in that episode, even the entire eighth season of "High Stakes Poker" and his first appearance on the show in 2008.

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