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Valdez The 29-Year-Old WSOP Champion Dies of Illness| Health Issues for Poker Players

On April 12, local time, poker player David "Beast" Valdez from California, USA, died of a heart attack on the evening of April 11 at the age of 29. His friend posted the news on Twitter.
Valdez The 29-Year-Old WSOP Champion
Valdez is also well-known in the California poker circle. Although he is only 29 years old, he started participating in live poker tournaments 10 years ago. He has won a total of $374,010 in tournament prize money.
David "Beast" Valdez has also won the WSOP gold bracelet three times in the Thunder Valley Poker Room in Lincolnshire, California. The most worth mentioning is that at such a young age, he has entered the award circle in WSOP events as many as 32 times. These achievements brought him a total of $144,043 in prize money.
He is highly praised by his opponents and friends, in contrast to his "Beast" nickname. The huge appearance still couldn't conceal his gentle qualities. It was such a gentle and kind person who was suddenly declared dead. This bad news is really shocking.
This has also triggered a series of health issues about the players. This is also an issue that should not be underestimated and must be taken seriously. After all, news of poker players passing away due to illness is not uncommon.
There is no need to repeat the health problems caused by sitting for a long time without exercising. Whether it’s a tournament or a cash game, it’s not uncommon to sit down for a few hours.
Some players can't stop after playing. Poker players staying up all night to play cards are nothing new. Even professional poker players tossed around in order to participate in the tournament. The resulting irregular work and rest, day and night reversal, etc., caused incalculable damage to the body.
Perhaps the visible health problems are not the most terrible, but the invisible ones are the terrible ones. The mental and psychological pressure experienced by professional poker players before and after the game is beyond imagination. The impact of this on their mental health cannot be ignored.
It is important to be full of ideals and to pursue your own heart. But these should be based on a healthy and strong body. It is said that the body is the capital of the revolution, do not wait until the alarm bell is sounded to regret it. only by learning to be kind to yourself and learning to cherish the present can dreams be realized.