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Daniel Negreanu pointed out the loopholes in Phil Hellmuth's game

The heads-up match between Daniel Negreanu and Hellmuth has been suspended for a long time. The agreed second round will restart tomorrow (May 5). After losing the first game, Daniel clearly pointed out some loopholes in the Hellmuth table. He also bluntly stated that he would use these loopholes to complete the comeback.
Daniel Negreanu
On Daniel Negreanu's Youtube personal channel, he analyzed some of the hands in the first round of the game. Some habits and loopholes of Hellmuth were discovered:
1: The habit of fear. In order to protect his hand, he chose to press all in. Do not consider how to maximize their rights. only consider how to have a better chance of winning the hand.
2: I don’t know how to judge the hand size. For example, raise before the flop.
3: The slow play is counterproductive.
4: Too passive before the flop. As a result, Daniel Negreanu can see a lot of flops, knowing that he has a greater advantage and less risk after the flop.
The reason that prompted the two poker gods to go heads-up was that Hellmuth pointed out some of the wrong ways of playing Daniel Negreanu in "The Match of the Century". Especially when he made a false assertion when he hadn't watched the game at all, it made Daniel feel uncomfortable. This led Daniel to decide to have a real contest with him.
After the two teased each other on social networks, the heads-up match officially began. At the end of the first round, Hellmuth defeated Daniel Negreanu. After the defeat, Daniel began to analyze himself and analyze the hands of the game. Eventually he discovered these loopholes in Hellmuth's game table, and bluntly said that he would use these loopholes to complete the next game comeback.
So, can the second round of the game be a perfect counterattack as Daniel Negreanu wanted? We will wait and see.

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