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The Most Controversial WSOP Event in The World 20 Years Ago

Twenty years have passed since it may be the most controversial WSOP event in history.
In 2001, the family of WSOP founder Benny Binion decided to launch a new game. This game was strongly opposed by players. They even threatened to take action to transfer the World Series of Poker to another casino.
Everything revolves around "costs".
This is an incredible ratio
For those who don’t know, the entry fee paid in a poker tournament is divided into two parts: one is the buy-in, which is the money that enters the prize pool. The other is the entry fee, which is used by the organizer to pay employees and others cost.
Since its inception, the main event has never charged an entry fee. All the players paid when registering entered the prize pool.
In other words, until 2001. That year, just a few days before the start of the World Series, Binion announced that the Horseshoe Casino would retain 3% of all tournament prizes. Of course, in order to avoid explicitly mentioning the name of the main event, artistic wording.
According to Binion's statement, the money will be used to pay the salaries of the dealers and workers.
At first there was no objection. However, when the list of "event personnel" who shared the WSOP Main Event fees was made public, some poker players scoffed at this.
In addition to the dealer and venue fees, the staff also includes cashiers, computer operators and salary clerks.
Professional poker player Paul Phillips said: "When we heard that 3% of the prize pool was taken away, we hoped that it would be used for the dealer and venue fees of the game, instead of other Binion employees."
Benny Binion was quite annoyed by these complaints: "I didn't take a penny from the money, and neither did my family. The money will go to the clerks who have been dealing cards for the tournament throughout the month."
Binion asked the horseshoe guard to deal with Phillips. Phillips criticized his choice.
The professional player was taken from a table in the poker room late at night, sat outside the casino, and was warned that he would not be a welcome guest even during the World Poker Tournament. Binion's retaliation against Phillips has not been ignored.
"Horseshoes" are playing with fire. There are rumors that players are angry. Several casinos across the country may be considering hosting a world championship. "
All the people are back
The tear was later stitched up again.
Phillips participated in the World Series. In that tournament, he won the 10th place in the S.H.O.E event that bought $2,100.
The main event started on May 14, with 3% of the 613 participants set aside as a fee of US$183,900. The prize pool is still US$5946,100.
Carlos Mortensen
The championship was won by Spaniard Carlos Mortensen. He is the second European to win the most enviable competition in the world after the Irishman Noel Furlong. Phil Hellmuth stopped in fifth place and Daniel Negreanu was in eleventh place.
Since then, the WSOP has been different.

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