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Hollywood Superstar Russell Crowe Will Star in Poker Blockbuster "Poker Face"


Fans of poker and the big screen will have some expectations. Because Hollywood A-class star Russell Crowe will play a perverted billionaire who uses poker games for revenge in "Poker Face". This is a psychological thriller, full of sinister twists and turns along the way.

Russell Crowe

A new movie related to poker is coming soon!

The news was released on, a Hollywood movie news website. Although the details about Gary Fred's film are still quite scarce. But it will soon begin filming on the east coast of New South Wales.

However, what we do know is that Crowe will play a role named Jack. He earned billions of dollars from the technology industry.

He invited a group of friends to his huge estate in Miami to participate in high-stakes poker games. However, the ultimate stakes far exceed pure money. revealed that when we realized that the relationship between these childhood partners was not as friendly as it seemed, the plot (written by Stephen M. Coates) took the first turning point.

The host Jack is a game master/planner. He orchestrated a plan around the poker game to make those friends pay the price for past injustices.

This despicable plan encountered a dangerous intruder--a murderer and an arsonist. He soon let this group of people fight for their lives.

Currently, there is no news about who will star in this movie. Although Natalie Portman has been thought to be possible with Crowe.

Natalie Portman

Russell Crowe and Natalie Portman will star in the film

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Portman, who is currently filming "Thor 2: Love and Thunder" with Crowe in Sydney, is also expected to appear in the film.

Portman played a bankrupt poker player in the 2007 movie "My Blueberry Night." Apparently she learned how to play a professional player by watching the DVD of the Women's Night of the World Poker Tour. Among them are Annie Duke, Isabelle Mercier, Kathy Liebert, and Jennifer Harman.

Portman's role in "Poker Face" is unclear. But as we have seen in various Hollywood blockbusters such as "Molly's Game" (starring Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba) and the remake of "Casino Royale" (Daniel Craig playing 007). It can be the core focus of the movie, or it can be just an exciting plot device.

It looks like the latter will be the case here. And it will be interesting to see how good Crowe’s poker face is and whether Lady Gaga’s 2008 hits appear in the movie title.

There are other poker-themed thrillers

The aforementioned Bond movie is one of the representatives. Another less well-known movie is the 2014 "Poker Night" (released as "Joker" in the UK), starring Bo Mirchoff and Ron Perlman.

poker night

Mirchoff plays Stan Jett, an Indiana police detective. He must use the knowledge he gained during the poker night with his fellow policemen to outsmart a perverted killer who trapped him in the basement.

As we reported last year, William Dafoe is the star of the revenge thriller "The Card Counter". The film is described as "a combination of the World Series of Poker and Abu Ghraib Prison"-with legendary director Martin Scorsese as the executive producer.

Oscar Isaac plays a veteran card player. And Tai Sheridan plays a young card loan shark. He is seeking revenge against the military colonel Dafoe, and Tiffany Hadish plays a "mysterious gambling financier". He funded the operation of a casino, which ended in a WSOP showdown.

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