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Taylor Scams Tens of Millions Through False COVID-19 Detection

Recently, an American poker player was arrested on suspicion of fraud. He is suspected of defrauding the US government of more than 88 million U.S. dollars. Of this amount, $42 million is related to false detection of the COVID-19.
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Billy Joe Taylor, 42 years old, from Central City, Arkansas, is the mastermind among those arrested on suspicion of health care fraud. The amount involved in this case is as high as 143 million US dollars.
Last month, someone saw Taylor participate in the $50,000 Super High Roller held by PokerGo at the Semino Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood.
According to Connor Hagan, a public affairs officer at the FBI's Little Rock Office, Taylor was detained by the U.S. Marshals Service this month.
Taylor is the core participant in this case. He owns two medical testing companies and has submitted large-scale false COVID-19 test results through these two companies.
According to reports, at least one of these two institutions has no actual laboratory equipment at all. The criminal indictment stated that these false tests were charged, and some were even carried out in the name of the dead.
After Taylor was arrested, the FBI and other agencies conducted multiple searches of his property. This includes a high-end guitar store.
The authorities confiscated multiple Taylor's luxury cars and high-end electronic products. It is alleged that these items were purchased by Taylor with illegal proceeds. The US Department of Justice stated that these proceeds were obtained through money laundering by shell companies and used to purchase luxury cars and real estate.
The U.S. Attorney's Office of the Department of Justice for the Western District of Arkansas issued a press release. The article strongly condemned Taylor and the other 13 defendants for their wrongdoing.
"When the COVID-19 virus is spreading in the United States. The American people are suffering from the economic and health crisis it brings, but these defendants are planning to steal funds that should have been used to help the American people conduct COVID-19 virus testing. These funds are as high as several. One million U.S. dollars."
poker player Billy Joe Taylor
Except for the $50K Super High Roller mentioned above, there is not much information about Taylor's poker business that can be found on the Internet. Even so, someone on Twitter recognized him. Twitter users said that Taylor once played a $10/$25/$50 cash game in a poker room and spent $175K in two hours.
Taylor has not yet filed a defense in this case.
Taylor is not the only poker player involved in a multi-million dollar fraud case recently. Earlier this month, Robert "Big Rob" Gorodetsky was sentenced to 28 months in prison for allegedly defrauding $8.74 million. Gorodetsky tried to be a professional card before he became a bigwig in sports betting. He is keen to share his luxurious life on Instagram, but it was eventually discovered that these were obtained through fraud.

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