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2021 US Poker Open | Sam Soverel Wins The Championship

Two more events are in preparation for the 2021 US Poker Open.
In the second event (the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship), Sam Soverel completed the game where he started online laning to win the championship. In Event #3, the second $10,000 No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament. Joe McKeehen won in his brief work at the six-handed final table.
2021 US Poker Open
Soverel dominates US Poker Open event #2
Sam Soverel is not worthy of winning the US Poker Open Event #2, the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship. Since the sound of gunfire on Friday, Soverel was at or near the highest point. In a certain part of the tournament, he was the only player with more than one million chips. This made all other players have to chase him. To put it bluntly, they couldn't catch him.
Soverel entered the six-handed final table with 3.48 million chips. In contrast, the other five people on the felt-Dylan Weisman (1.735 million), Mark Brody (1.185 million), Jordan Christos (645,000), Matthew Plou Husband (640,000) and Max Coleman (440,000)-a total of 4.645 million. It can be said that Soverel lost the game.
He does not allow this to happen. Cristos will clashed with Ploof. Cristos holds A in his four-card combination and Ploof Kings. But nothing helps Ploof send him home for sixth. Soverel is now in action, with Coleman in fifth and Weisman in fourth. Then Cristos defeated Brody in third to counterattack. But he still lags behind Soverel by a 2:1 advantage.
Soverel will never give Cristos any chance in a heads-up game. In the final hand, Cristos moved with AJ-4-2 and Soverel watched him with 10-9-7-4. The flop A-9-7 lit the fuse, Soverel checked and called, and Cristos bet 400K. The second 7 on the turn saw Cristos all-in with the remaining chips. Also very quickly, Soverel called with his winning boat, 7 to 9. This killed Cristos and won the championship for Soverel.
1. Sam Soverel, $175,500
2. Jordan Cristos, $130,000
3. Marc Brody, $84,500
4. Dylan Weisman, $65,000
5. Maxx Coleman, US$52,000