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Phil Ivey Wins The WPT Heads-up Championship

Phil Ivey once again demonstrated why he is considered the best poker player ever in the WPT heads-up poker tournament with a $25,000 purchase.
Phil Ivey
The Poker Hall of Fame member entered the final on Tuesday. And he quickly defeated Patrik Antonius in three games.
In this way, Ivey won the championship and $400,000 in prize money.
Antonius, a former Full Tilt poker professional like Ivey. He won the second place in the 32-person entry list and a $200,000 prize.
The final round of the game was faster than expected. In the finals, the competition system is somewhat different from the two-of-three system of the first four rounds, and the system of three-innings is adopted. Whoever wins the first three games can take the championship home.
Both players faced fierce competition in the process of reaching the finals.
Antonius defeated GACKT, Doug Polk, Stefan112 and Sam Greenwood.
Ivey defeated four skilled professional players. Manig Loeser, Anthony Zinno, Stephen Chidwick and Christopher Kruk.
It is impossible for the WPT to arrange a better final matchup.
Ivey and Antonius are the two most popular players of all time. They have a rich history of battles. As early as the Full Tilt Poker era, they played together for countless hours in high-stakes regular table games. And they have also played on TV poker shows such as Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. Tuesday's game will not be their last duel. But it is quite entertaining.
Domineering Phil Ivey
On Tuesday, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Ivey quickly resolved his final heads-up opponent.
This game is played on the online app. This is a poker startup promoted by Ivey, Tom Dwan and other high-profile professional players. Although they competed on a tablet computer, both players sat across from a seaside resort.
Phil Ivey Tom Dwan
In the first game, Antonius took the lead from the start. Both sides played very aggressively. It didn't take long for Ivey to reverse the situation. Then he used Pocket 9 and his opponent's A-8 to clear all the bullets before the flop. The hand was issued 7-Q-5-7-4, and the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner took a 1-0 lead.
The second game lasted about half an hour. Then Antonius decided to play all 45,200 scoreboards with K-7 on the 4-Q-8-3-9 board (about half of Ivey's). His bluff failed to scare away his opponent. Because Phil Ivey with a pocket jack can't fold.
In the third game, Antonius entered the mode of hell difficulty. He needs to win three consecutive victories to have a chance to win the championship.
Less than 10 minutes into the game, Ivey hit the straight with a 3-4 on a 2-6-5 flop. And his opponent is holding A-6.
The A on the turn was cruel to Antonius and made him hit the top two pairs.
When the 2 on the river was dealt, there was already a 61,000 pot. Ivey fought 65,000 and his opponent couldn't get away.
This hand put Antonius in a desperate situation.
Soon after, Ivey defeated Antonius's J-Q with A-10 and won the tiebreaker.
As a result, he won another poker championship, adding $400,000 to his already impressive poker tournament history (more than $31 million in prize money).
After watching this wonderful game, you will find that he became a G.O.A.T. for a reason.
Phil Ivey wins WPT
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