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How to Build A Good Mentality


Today we will talk about mentality.

The strength of a person depends on your mentality. What kind of mentality you have determines your behavior. This is also the gap between people.
When facing the girls they are interested in, many people just watch them. She didn't dare to go forward and talk to her, let alone ask for a number boldly.
In many cases, my mentality is not strong enough. Let me give you an example: A friend often meets a girl she likes on the way to the company. But every time I just watched the other party go away. In the end, it may be that this girl has never met after changing jobs or moving away.
This is a world of probability. The things you meet with people every day are probabilities.
You should be rationally and objectively aware that this is a world where subjective and objective are combined. Objectivity means that you must abide by ethics and the law. And subjectively, the world you know is different from the world others know. You can live according to your own way of living.

only you can change your life

If you want your life to change or be dominated by you, you must change it yourself. No one else can rewrite your life.
Many people understand this truth, but many people don't really understand it.
I don’t know that there is a pit in the road ahead. You don’t know if you fall into it, it can be regarded as normal.
But knowing that there is a pit ahead, you fell into it, indicating that you were not careful.
Take this road again and know that there is a pit ahead, and you fall into it again, indicating that you have been affected by habit.
But if you go this way again, if you fall in, it means you are stupid.
Many people live in other people's opinions, live in other people's comments, and are swayed by unrelated strangers around them, which is too much for face.
That's because you don't even know that if the so-called face brings you cheats, you would not choose this way.
Many people live in regret, in self-blame, rather than in the present.

Because people seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

When facing their own interests, people tend to be profitable. But when faced with cheating, people will avoid it. When pros and cons exist at the same time, at this time it depends on whether the pros are greater or the demerits are greater. It is very important to see the pros and cons of this clearly.
For example, when a friend goes to meet this girl on the street, people around may look at you with strange eyes and may comment on you.
The logic of a normal person is that it is illogical for you to go to the street and talk to a stranger, or you just think you are a salesman.
Let alone go ask a strange woman for a number. So the social pressure on the surrounding people is great. Your own logic will feel that if you do it this way, you will be treated as a heterogeneous or neurotic.
But what I want to say is that the evaluations, strange visions and opinions of the people around you have no influence or change at all. There is only one way you want to meet this girl, and that is to take steps to meet. And the people around you simply can't give you this girl's number. The advantage is that if you take a step, it is possible to know a girl and become your girlfriend and gain happiness. The disadvantage is that you may be treated as a monster, neurotic, or alien by others. But there is no loss in your value. It's just because of face.
If face is to bring you benefits, then you should protect your face. But the evil that face brings you is injury and death, so throw away the face as soon as possible. Don't let yourself lose interest for the sake of those face

Sometimes, you have to get it with a lost mentality

Because you can't like everyone, and there won't be everyone who will like you. So sometimes, it is necessary to screen out those who you do not like you, who are unwilling to cooperate with you, and things that cannot be traded.
Because you care about you, you are afraid of losing, and you will start to tremble if you are afraid of losing. When you don't care about a thing or a person, and when you are not afraid of losing it, then this thing or this person has no value. And you have no demand.
If you don't have desires, you're just saying that is the truth. Human nature is often to seize your needs to kill you. Just knowing that you will not leave me, so keep breaking your bottom line, your principles, and keep depriving you of your rights. Squeeze you to the edge of the cliff!
Finally, he was extremely disappointed, and then left with a wound. Whether it’s work or socializing, it’s the same.
Starve to death the timid and support the courageous. only bold and thin-skinned can survive better.
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Don't care, don't be afraid of failure, to defeat the weakest self. Is to win life.

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