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What Is The Difference Between The Thinking of The Poor and The Rich?


I believe you have read many articles about poverty and wealth before reading this article. So what is the thinking of the poor and the rich?

First I want to tell a story

The difference between the thinking of the poor and the rich in educating their children

Yesterday I had a meal with a few classmates. One of my classmates talked about an interesting experience of his New Year's Eve.

He is a small boss, started from scratch, has his own company, runs a Mercedes-Benz, lives in a big villa, and has a pretty good life.

On New Year's Eve, he and his son planned to sell glowing balloons in the square, not to make money, but to simply let his son experience life, just like playing games.

The sales performance in one night was good, and his son had been jumping high in joy.

The thinking of the poor

At this time, a seven or eight-year-old boy took his mother and ran to him, clamoring to buy light-emitting balloons. My mother was a little helpless, feeling a bit expensive, so she bought one for her child. At this time, a man in his thirties walked over with an electric car and said: "Smelly boy, he knows what he wants in one day, and he will study hard in the future, otherwise you can only sell balloons in the winter!"

After speaking, he took the mother and son away.

The thinking of the rich

My classmate shrugged and smiled at his son. Two luminous balloons were left in his hand. Just as the classmates were thinking about when to go home, another little girl ran over with mom and dad, and said in a soft baby voice: "Uncle, I want that little piggy." Peppa's balloon."

The classmate asked his son to give the balloon to the little girl. At this time, the girl’s father said to the child while paying, “Baby, if you like this balloon, you have to spend money to buy it. This uncle will make this balloon and he can make it. Then sell it to those who need it, so that people will have their favorite balloons and uncle can also make money, right?"

The classmates are still wondering, thinking this adult really knows how to do things and educate children all the time. It wasn't until I saw the adults and children get in a BMW car that I realized that maybe this is a financial and business class for businessmen since childhood!

The poor and the rich often have very different educational concepts.

Poor people often rely on "scare" to educate their children. They will tell you: If you don't study well, you can only make money by doing physical work in the future. In their eyes, sanitation workers, couriers, vegetable vendors, etc. are all "negative teaching materials" for them to educate their children.

They won't tell you exactly how to do it, but they will tell you over and over again if you can't do it well, what will happen to you if you can't.

The wealthy educate their children are good at finding opportunities from the subtleties of life, looking for cases, and teaching their children to learn from small business opportunities.

difference thinking of the poor and the rich

The difference between the thinking of the poor and the rich in consumption

I have a friend who made some money in the early days of starting a business. Instead of buying a house, he borrowed some money to buy a Hummer.

At that time, every time we went to his house for dinner, we could hear his parents complain to us about how unpragmatic his son was. He borrowed money from the bank to buy a car without taking a loan to buy a house.

A few of us often talk jokes off the topic and help him comfort the two elders.

After a year or two, my friend's career was on track, after paying off his car loan and buying a big house, his parents really felt relieved.

Of course, we know his intentions.

A friend once said at a dinner party: "In business, you must not have a good car. The car is to support the scene, to increase business, and make more money. Now young and young, after working for two years, he asks for money from his family. , I also bought a luxury car, just to show off, I posted pictures on Facebook, and I kept a car with my salary. Some use the car to raise money, and some use the money to raise the car. Over time, it’s strange that the gap doesn’t widen!"

I wonder if you found it?

There is a strong wind in posting life photos on Facebook, and it must be exquisite and ritual.

Many popular articles are also advocating: young people should treat themselves better and buy quality products to be worthy of themselves.

Not enough salary? Ask your parents, swipe your credit card!

Wearing all kinds of famous brands, living a life of exquisite petty bourgeoisie glamorously, they are actually "invisible poor people"!

Moon moonflower, moon moonlight, this month is still last month, and then it will be spent next month.

Judging whether a person loves oneself is not based on the cosmetics used, or whether the clothes bought are of big names.

Whether life is exquisite and ritual is not just about money, nor is it blindly chasing trends.

The rich are better at investing, and every investment has a long-term purpose.

I have a lot of business friends, and their common feature is that they are very willing to spend money on their own learning and networking. This is an investment.

Investment is definitely more than just buying financial products! The courage to continuously invest in self-learning and networking is to operate resources (knowledge resources, networking resources) to make more money.

The poor are better at consumption, and every consumer is to meet immediate needs.

Either they are frugal, thinking about how to save money and make wages take longer.

They must cut down on food and clothing in order to buy something beyond the current consumption level, hoping to win the envy and admiration of others.

In timing, the thinking of the poor and the rich is very different.

I once read such a story in an article:

A little boy had a wish to go to Disneyland once, but he didn't have the money to buy tickets.

In order to buy tickets, he went to several jobs every day, and finally saved enough money, clutching a stack of banknotes in his hand, he ran to the ticket office out of breath.

However, Disney employees told him, sorry, the tickets were sold out. The cold wind was icy, a thin body was stunned there, tears streaming down his face.

What is the scariest thing in the world?

Many people will say that no money is the most terrible thing.

But I think the scariest thing in the world is that you are late.

The speed of development in this era is terrifying. You realize that you need to work hard and it is far from enough. You also need to work very efficiently.

The earlier you work and the faster you act, the more initiative you will be. Slow down, the opportunity will be robbed, and there will be no chance to drink soup.

To use an analogy, seizing opportunities and watching movies is actually the same.

When you go to the movies, the earlier you buy the ticket, the more space you can choose, and you can choose the seat with the best view. The later you buy the ticket, the more passive you will be. In the end, only the corner of the corner will be left. This is still good. The key is that one second later, there is a possibility that there will be no chance to enter the stadium.

The rich like to hurry up early and not late and start immediately when they think of something. They know that the early bird will have more bugs to eat.

Poor people prefer to wait and see, they are afraid of being shot, they prefer the so-called security and stability.

The rich know that everything is risky, so they will try their best to increase the success rate.

Poor people only want to find those businesses that have a low threshold for making money without losing money. They must make sure that this opportunity has come to them before they can pay.

One is the courage to give first, and the other is the dare not to give. The final result is heaven and earth.

Some friends will always ask me: "time, is it too late to do self-media and content entrepreneurship now?"

I think that from the media, content entrepreneurship is not a real opportunity.

What are the real opportunities? In fact, it is the advent of the content age.

Regarding content as a product is the real inspiration given to us by this era.

It does not mean that you blindly do self-media and content entrepreneurship is to seize the opportunity, but that you have to learn the skills behind it.

Learn to create content, operate content, and analyze users. only when you truly grasp the opportunity, you have the ability to take advantage of this opportunity. Otherwise, you will only talk in words and think in your heart. You can always be a waiter and watcher, watching others make money with greedy eyes.

Finally, I give my motto to every friend who wants to learn writing, learning content, and entrepreneurship:

Cultivate your internal strength as early as possible, so that you can accumulate your skills at an earlier time!

thinking of the poor and the rich