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Identify playing cards from the back : recognize the 54 playing card recognition skills

 The video show how to recognize the 54 playing card :


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In any case the shuffle can identify 54 cards.

Poker is a kind of recreational tool known to all over the country, every household, whether workers, farmers, students, government officials are willing to use their spare time to play, in this case, if we succeed to show Identify playing cards on the back, magic will be loved by people.


Before the performance, the performer announces to the audience that 54 cards can be recognized accurately by the face of the quilt, depending on how you shuffle and fold the cards. The recognition rate is 100%. After the announcement, the audience will be surprised and compete to watch. This method seems mysterious. No one can understand it before reading the data. In fact, the method is very simple.


Dead work


We all know that magic is fake, and the poker we bought needs to be processed by ourselves. First of all, we should choose the poker which is easier to mark. The best thing is to buy a pair of red-backed circus poker. This poker is easy to mark and fast to recognize.


Making tools


1. Women make fine needles for needlework.


2. Red ink paste used for seals and famous seals.


Making method


Make red dots on the back of the poker with fine needles and red mud. Make the mark method and position in detail. See the illustration of circus poker.


The circus poker and illustration illustrate the following:

As you can see from the graph, if the red dot represents A in the first lattice and 2 in the second lattice, by analogy, this method can be flexible to patrol so that you can get out quickly.




1, the back of this circus poker must be red, because the red ink we use for marking is red.


2, the red dots must be smaller and better, so that they can recognize them.


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