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Norman Chad Participates in This Year's WSOP for Charity

Norman Chad is taking time out of his daily work. He is ready to participate in this year's WSOP to help support a charity.
Norman Chad Participates in This Year's WSOP for Charity
The ESPN WSOP commentator will sponsor the $25,000 HORSE event for the WSOP series. Part of the funds raised by his participation in the competition will be donated to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.
The 52nd World Poker Championship, if the COVID-19 disaster does not occur, will start on September 30 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Among the 88 bracelet events scheduled, there is a new $25,000 HORSE event. This will surely bring out many of the world's top mixed game players. Obviously, there is also a former National United Sports columnist who has made six appearances in his career at the WSOP.
Chad has not entered the award circle in a WSOP live event since 2014. But his fans and Twitter supporters can get some of his shares in the HORSE tournament. Although he admits that he has a small chance of winning the game, investing a small amount of money has more significance besides supporting his game:
Cost: US$150; US$100 for my ticket, and US$50 for the hope of the Depression Research Foundation.
If I win miraculously, you will get 1/250 profit.
No matter what, the charity will get $12,500.
The "Depression Research Foundation" is committed to funding scientific research on the treatment and prevention of depression. According to the American Anxiety and Depression Association, more than 17 million American adults suffer from depression.
Chad will go all out in the WSOP Championship, but his main focus is to raise funds for charity. In total--assuming he gets his 250 supporters--he will send $12,500 to the non-profit organization. If he enters the reward circle, his profits will be evenly distributed to his investors. He said that he would not take a penny home, and he has some plans to publicly recognize those who participated in his charitable work.
How to join
Those interested in supporting Chad can start to support on the StakeKings poker support platform from Monday, August 2. The $25,000 HORSE tournament began on September 30, the first day of the Fall World Series of Poker.
If Chad soon sold all his shares in the HORSE event. He said he would consider another charity event for the $50,000 Poker Players Tournament. This is one of the most prestigious annual events of the WSOP. He plans to choose a different charity for the event, but the details have not yet been determined.

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