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WSOP Asymptomatic Vaccinated Players Will Not Be Removed

On August 13, WSOP officials clarified the most controversial Rule 115 to poker fans via Twitter. This tells everyone how to deal with fully vaccinated players who have been exposed to the virus.
2021 wsop
Since August 9th, after poker information guru Kevin "kevmath" Mathers shared a screenshot of the exact wording of Rule 115, the comments on Twitter have been very controversial. Most are expressing dissatisfaction with the rules. Some people even say that Rule 115 will keep them away from the 2021 WSOP. Others are also very confused about the policy and want to seek clarification.
On August 13, the WSOP clarified some confusion by publishing a public statement on Article 115 on Twitter: “According to CDC guidelines, if the participant is known to have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 If they are fully vaccinated within the appropriate time parameters and remain asymptomatic after contact, they will not be required to leave the game and be isolated"
We can interpret it as: It takes 14 days after the last shot of vaccine is completed to be considered as fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Therefore, if a player exposed to the virus receives a second shot three days before the start of the game, they will still be removed from the game. But if the second injection is three weeks ago, even if they are exposed to the virus, they will not be delisted, as long as they do not show any symptoms of COVID-19.
The WSOP official clarified the issues that everyone has been paying attention to and doubts, which should make some people feel relieved.

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