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Los Angeles Tech Poker Game Is Closely Guarded By Uber Investors

If you want to have a place in the biggest home game in Los Angeles, you need to get past this internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $100 million!
If Uber investor Jason Calacanis doesn't like or trust you, then you are out, as some players have discovered, they have paid the price.
Ryan Mac, a technology reporter for The New York Times in Los Angeles, was kicked out of the game, and the person who played the bodyguard-Jason Karakanis-made no secret of who he was and who Mac was kicked out of the game. reason.
poker games
Private high-stakes poker games are famous all over the world for their invitation system.
On the contrary, if they are labeled as "unwelcome people". Then, it will be difficult for you to enter this "circle" again.
Peter Pham is the co-founder of the science company and is clearly one of the regulars at home games, as well as Chamath Palihapitiya, David Friedberg and David Sacks.
The above-mentioned people are Karakanis's "partners" in the AllIn podcast. The AllIn podcast is a technically inclined political discussion. Except for Sacks, they formed AllInSyndicate, an angel investment club.
Their home games in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles may be different in terms of game level and lineup. Phil Hellmuth is a frequent visitor and has provided the technology investor with a lot of game skills and advice over the years.
Roger Sippl, who has nearly $4 million in game revenue, is another frequent visitor, and Palihapitiya's wife Brigitte Lau also won a seat in the game.
Although the level of the game is unknown, Karakanis once said that he is "comfortable to play games of 50,000 or 100,000 in front of me". Although regular table games are his expertise, he has also played the main event of the WSOP. And the "a drop of water" high roller event bought by 111111.
Chamath Palihapitiya once revealed that the 400/800 level of regular table games did not make him feel scared. He "has played 5000/10000", and the fact is that the net worth of this home game may be higher than the top 100 in poker history. The sum is even higher.
However, it seems that if they don't trust you, no matter what your bank balance is, you won't get a seat!