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Why are the two Jokers in the poker card bigger than any of the cards?

 There are two Jokers cards, commonly known as: big ghosts, imps, or kings, small kings, some areas called big turtles, small turtles, or big cats, kittens, two Jokers represent the sun and the moon. However, these two ghost cards are indeed the most special existence of a pair of poker. In J.Q.K, the corresponding king, queen, and attendant are eaten by a clown ghost Joker. Why is it bigger than other cards?




Legend has it that playing cards are based on Tarot cards. In addition to the well-known fortune-telling use, the Tarot brand was originally a card game. However, because the rules of the Tarot game are too difficult to master, the playing cards that simplify the Tarot game came into being, and to a certain extent, Playing cards has used many tarot cards usage habits.



In the adapted playing cards, if the size of the two Jokers is regarded as the sun and the moon, then the remaining 52 cards represent 52 weeks of the year, and the four colors represent the seasons, 13 cards in each color represent 13 weeks of each season. If you calculate each flower color and number of cards according to the point, if the two Jokers uses half a point to calculate the result is 365 days of the year. If the two Jokers is calculated according to one point, it is 366 days of the leap year. Therefore, experts generally believe that the design and invention of playing cards are inextricably linked with astrology, divination, and astronomy and calendar.




And the Jokers is The Tarot Fool's meaning. In tarot, power is temporary, and laughter is eternal. Although the Joker is The Fool, he represents laughter.




To sum up: There are two reasons for the trump card. One is to use the Tarot card divination effect. The clown card is the biggest. It's good luck.


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