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We can customize any device,poker and dice

Playing cards can still play like this. This is a technical activity, not everyone can play well.

 In fact, this world is very boring. Everyone is doing day-to-day things in their own small circles. So how to be a fun person in a boring world? This is a technical job. For example, it is creativity. I share articles in the public account every day, mostly about creatives. If you are interested, you can get to know some. I hope to bring inspiration to your writing and bring some spice to your life.


Have you ever known about the painter tango? His series of playing cards can be described as a brainstorming, bringing us into a fun world again and again. The boring everyday is in the Tango pen, the miracle day after day. Not much to say, I will share some comics for you now.


How fat is fat?



"Snake", "aha"



Nothing to do, raise a parrot and tease



Look at the empty place in the room, the hotel owner wants to cry



King's pancake,  Can't buy suffer losses and Can't buy fooled



Unrecognizable romance



"Paris Red Cube"



It seems that both animals and humans like to lick cats.


A fashionable cat


The origin of biscuits


I feel that there is a shadow in eating biscuits later.


His paintings did not have "meaning", but they added a lot of surprises to the boring life and healed  late at night‘s countless  people .


Let me talk about tango, born in 1966, came from the era of "meaning is king." However, he said that he does not want to say what meaning "does not like meaningful things." Painting these paintings is amateur creation. "In any case, the principle of fun is fun." People who lived in that era can think about . it is not easy.


poker analyzer is predict poker games result advance in different poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat. Usually, poker analyzer is used to read the barcode marked cards rather than the back marked analyzer just like smart phone and you can use it to make a call or surf the Internet.


poker analyzer equiped with poker scanning camera, it can read and analyzer barcode marked cards within few second with 100% accurate. While.In order to hide cheating, the poker analyzer can work with the external poker scanning camera like power bank scanning camera, watch scanning camera, wallet scanning camera and so on. After poker analyzer analyze the marking playing cards, you can receive game’s result by your earpieces. it’ll calculate poker odds of all poker hands by its poker analysis software. You can know the poker rankings by watching the time mode or the wireless earpiece.




Apply a paragraph on the Internet, that is:


The world is becoming more and more boring, only because Honeydick touches us; the world is becoming more and more interesting, just because there is always one in ten thousand hopes that have never been erased. The world itself is barren and boring, and only when you think it is cute, it will become cute. Perhaps it is not the world that is boring, but we have not insisted on those interesting ways of living.